After months of agony, wondering whether lovebirds Clay and Quinn would survive, One Tree Hill has finally returned. The show’s season 8 premiere, “Asleep at Heaven’s Gate”, began with Haley writing a letter to her best friend Lucas about how all of Tree Hill misses him. Following this snooze fest, I mean Lucas and Peyton are sooooo season 6, are scenes the returning viewers all saw at the end last season. The first five minutes are a boring but they are followed by lots of drama and twists.

Happily Ever Afters

Here it is, the moment we have been waiting 8 years for. Brooke has kept a man. And they’re getting married. Isn’t that precious? But seriously, I am happy that Brooke is getting her happy (yeah right) ending after so years of heartbreak and losers (case in point, Lucas, who cheated on her multiple times). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all pans out.

By the way, “You’re Greased Lightning?” I will NEVER see Grease in the same way again. Thanks Mark. 

Across town, Haley announces to Nathan that she has another bun in the oven and he couldn’t be more excited. I love that we will get the chance to experience Haley’s pregnancy with her this time, as much as you can experience a fictional character’s fictional life.

But could there be trouble already? Both Nathan and Haley visit doctors and the physicians’ less than cheerful expression seem to say a thousand words. Is Nathan’s back healed? Can he play basketball? Is Haley’s baby healthy? Only time will tell.

“You taste and smell good”

Finally, it’s the answer to the question we’ve all had on our minds all summer: will Clay and Quinn survive crazy Katie’s murderous rage? I was getting a little excited to see how the writers would save Tree Hill’s newest couple. That excited grew to confusion when not only did Clay not get shot like he did in the finale, he also claimed it was all a dream. Huh?

Laid out on the beach Clay and Quinn discuss crucial issues like the taste of each other’s skin and whether Clay has a phone in his pocket or is just happy to see Quinn. One word: Gross. (By golly it’s a clue! His phone is vibrating even though it’s not with him. Woah! Wait, it was a dream!)

Looking back there were several clues to the nights ending. Nathan’s “it’s like a dream”, the fact that no one could get in contact with them, the movie poster’s slogan “Sometimes you need to sleep to be truly awake”, and the title of the episode were dead giveaways. With new questions in our heads like “When will they be found?”, “How will they return to the real world” and “Where are they?”, we must look towards next Tuesday when hopefully our questions will be answered.

“No the press isn’t here yet.”

Gotta love Victoria and her spot on motherly instincts. After Brooke gets arrested, Victoria is only concerned with her company’s reputation and not her daughter’s well being.

Upon being released from custody, Brooke heads straight to Clothes Over Bros and her nightmares come true as she learns that Victoria and Millie lied to investors and could quite possibly be the downfall of her company. Millie however blames Victoria for making her lie and says they needed to to launch the men’s line in this tough economy. Let’s all cry a river for Millie now.

“Sounds kinda stable, and normal.”

Yeah, sure. Nobody on this show is stable or the least bit normal, but I’m a fan just the same. Alex succeeds in flirting her way into a date with her new arm candy, bartender Chase (formerly known as Mia’s boyfriend). As always on this show the characters have perfect (or horrible) timing. Just as Chase agrees to a date with Alex he receives a message from Mia saying they “made a mistake.” Or at least she did seeing as she broke up with him via text message. 

Chase’s decision comes down to Alex’s ability to tie a cherry stem with her tongue. Chase chooses Alex over Mia, telling his ex that she is the reason they broke up and text messages don’t cut it as a way to profess love.

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