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Beware: Bones Spoiler
It looks like Angela and Hodgins’ trip to Paris was quite fruitful. We find out in the season premiere of Bones, September 23 at 8pm on FOX, that (spoiler alert) Angela is pregnant! This is great news for the newlyweds but what does it mean for Brennan’s onetime quest for a child? Time to dust off last season’s Brennan wants a baby plot. [TV Guide]

Full House
The guest stars keep lining up for the seventh season of House. It has been reported that Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo), Jennifer Grey (DWTS), Amy Irving (Alias) and Dylan Baker (The Good Wife) are all on tap to guest star on House this season. It looks to be a pretty eclectic lineup. Could Jennifer Grey be experiencing a comeback; first DWTS now House? Which one of these new guest stars is going to irritate Dr. House the most? The safe bet is on the guy from Scooby Doo; he’ll wear out House instantly. [TV Guide]        

Get Ready Wisteria Lane, John Schneider is Moving In
Smallville‘s John Schneider has a new gig. He has been cast for multiple episodes of the new season of Desperate Housewives. He will play the father of another new cast mate, Brian Austin Green. I hope they end up fighting over the same woman; I’d put my money on Schneider. I have to say, a Schneider/BAGS, Father/Son combo… I’ll co-sign. [EW]

Keep the Good Tunes Coming With Robyn on Gossip Girl
Swedish pop sensation Robyn will be on an episode of Gossip Girl this season. She will be performing her hit song “Hang With Me” at Blair’s birthday party. Robyn is on a hot streak right now and in the middle of her fantastic Body Talk trilogy.

I have to hand it to Gossip Girl for nabbing unconventional, but otherwise fantastic, music acts to appear in the show. I mean who will ever forget Sonic Youth’s appearance? By picking bands that are genuinely good and not merely “of the moment,” Gossip Girl repeats won’t feel as dated 10 years from now. Unlike Beverly Hills 90210‘s Color Me Bad episode which was dated the day after it aired. [Zap2it] 

Real Housewife Reveals 17-Year-Old Secret
Real Housewife of DC (and Real White House Crasher), Michaele Salahi revealed to People magazine that she has multiple sclerosis. Salahi, 44, has been living with MS for 17 years. [People]

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