“We lost against Gary Busey. Are you kidding me?”

So says Nene Leaks in this preview for Sunday’s all new Celebrity Apprentice, and we’re just as shocked as she is, but much more delighted. The man is unpredictable, and that’s a recipe for reality TV gold.

It seems that, validated by his challenge win last week, when he acted as project manager (and said some INSANE things in the process!), Gary Busey will continue to be the star of his team, this time by acting in their 30-second commercial. And in Busey Land,  30 seconds is more than enough time to do something completely nuts, if you get my drift …

Thank goodness for blurring technology!

Busey is going above and beyond, but he’s not the only entertaining star on the show this season. Dionne Warwick has been pissing off the ladies left and right, and it looks like that too will come to a head this Sunday when the star-studded teams square off once again, 9pm on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)