Meet the cast of The Amazing Race 13.

When CBS renewed The Amazing Race for a 13th season, I breathed a sigh of relief.  There has seemingly always been uncertainty regarding the future of The Amazing Race, and fans constantly worry that the series is on the verge of cancellation.  The series’ 12th season was originally intended to air in early 2008, but when Viva Laughlin stunk up the joint, CBS quickly plugged Race into their Sunday at 8pm time slot.  The series averaged around 12 million viewers for season 12, in large part thanks to its NFL football lead-in.

Now that the cast for The Amazing Race 13 has been announced, it looks like the new season will have the same mixture of clashing personalities that previous years had.  Check out the new teams here.

The Amazing Race has a long pre-production schedule.  Simply planning the logistics of each Race and having all the challenges and tasks ready in each different locale has to take weeks.  When you account for the actual Race and the painful amount of editing, you realize why it takes CBS such a long time to air each new season.  The network gave season 13 the green light months ago, but it’s not going to hit the airwaves until September 13.

Now that the cast for the new season has been announced, it’s become clear that not every TAR fan is going to be happy.  There were online petitions to bring Eric and Jessica from Big Brother 8 on The Amazing Race as a team.  I wouldn’t have minded that at all, but it looks like the petitions didn’t do any good.  If CBS was going to grab cast members from their other reality shows, I would have liked to see Dick and Daniele Donato, Jen and Nick, and Will and Boogie, all from Big Brother

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Variety
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Oscar Dahl

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