For many of you, Big Brother is being bumped because of football.  For a lot of you, the Olympics have taken precedent over Big Brother.  Fine, fine.  But, tonight’s episode should really be one you tune in to.  With Renny as the new Head of Household, the Big Brother house should get sufficiently shaken up on the way to Renny’s nominations.  Ollie, April and Jerry, who have held court for a couple weeks, are now back on their heels.  Who will Renny nominate?  I’ll be here throughout the episode with my live thoughts.

I’m liking Michelle less and less.  April, Ollie and Jerry are worse, but Michelle comes in a close fourth.  Everyone else remaining in the house is at least quasi-likable. 

Great performance by Renny in the HoH comp, huh?

Keesha is happy that she’s apparently more well-liked than Libra was. 

Michelle acts like a bitch in response to Libra’s eviction.  Not a surprise.  They’ve been in the house for 38 days now.  People are gonna start going crazy, and soon. 

Renny cried after her HoH victory.  She’s excited to see her mother’s photo in her HoH room.  She also thinks Memphis could be a bit of a threat, because he can charm Keesha. 

Ollie, April and Jerry are very sad.  April is now getting pissy about how Jerry shows up and interrupts Ape and Ollie’s alone time so regularly.  God, April and Ollie are ridiculous.  Jerry keeps following them around.  The Terrible Twosome need to talk to Renny, they think. 

Renny lets Keesha know that Memphis might be a target.  Renny and Keesha have a very open conversation about Memphis.  Keesha knows she has to tread carefully here – Renny and Memphis are her biggest allies.

Renny, uh, wow.  She enters the room and starts crying and wheezing at the old pictures of her mother.  That was not expected.  Jerry says that Renny is a clown most of the time – he wasn’t expecting that sort of emotion.  Renny animatedly reads her letter from home.  This is too much. 

I’m sorry, maybe I’m just a soulless bastard, but these people are only gone for a couple of months, at most.  In the scheme of things, that’s not very long.  At all. 

Because CBS needs to fill time, we get a package on April’s stuffed dog.  Renny, who does not like April, likes to mess with the dog.  They play keep away from April in the backyard.  April is dumb. 

Vooooomiiiiiit.   Ollie and April, embracing in bed, have the cheesiest talk in bed ever.  Ollie says their relationship is far beyond a showmance. 

“Like, seriously, I look forward to taking care of you,” says April, to Ollie.  They are going to be friends for life, they say.

Renny asks Michelle that, if she wins HoH, will she put her up?  Michelle says that she won’t put Renny up.  Not sure. 

Food challenge!!!  There are two teams.  Each team chooses a server. 

Red team: Keesha, April, Michelle and Dan.

Blue team:  Memphis, Ollie and Jerry.

It’s a rock, paper, scissors hybrid.  Pigs ears beats crickets.  Crickets beats slop.  Slop beats pig ears.  Whoever wins the face off has to win a point for their team by eating the food they took to victory.

Dan wins the first point by eating some crickets. 

Jerry has a chance to win the blue team a point by eating slop, which is what he’s been eating for four weeks.  He gets the point.

Memphis gets a chance to tie it up by eating some pig ears.  He does it. 

Michelle gives the red team the lead 3-2 by eating some pig ears.

April, a vegetarian, has to eat pig ears for the victory.  April gets it down for the win.  Red team wins.

In addition to slop, America voted for one other food item that the losing team is allowed to eat: lollipops.  Big ones.

Ollie’s afraid of birds.  Fill-ah, fill-ah, fill-ah.

Dan goes to the HoH room to speak with Renny.  Renny says that she might have to put Dan up as a pawn.  She doesn’t want to create more enemies than necessary.  Memphis joins the conversation – he says the pawn idea is a horrible one, which is true.  Keesha and Michelle come in, and they decide to go speak with Ollie.  Renny sends everyone else outside, talks to Ollie alone.  Ollie says he won’t throw in the towel if April leaves.  Ollie tries to spin a web, but I’m not sure Renny is really listening.  Mostly, he’s saving himself. 

Renny is pondering her nominations while wearing what looks like a black toga. 


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