It was a joyous occasion.  A shift of power, the likes of which can only happen on a show like Big Brother.  That, undeniably, is the greatest aspect of Big Brother.  Those in control can be thwarted.  Easily.  All it comes down to is the all important Head of Household competition.  Those HoH competitions are usually quick and dirty, fairly arbitrary, but they represent the underlying combustibility of Big Brother.  It’s a show where house dynamics can change on a dime, where an eviction vote bleeds into an unexpected Head of Household victory and, all of a sudden, the game changes.  Renny’s HoH win was a blessing for fans like me, who were still upset about the too-early evictions of Brian, Steven  and Angie.  The world has found balance once more, and the bad guys are now on trial.  Yes, we have spoilers.  We know who Renny has nominated, and it is glorious. 


Renny nominated Jerry and April.

Good lord, that last sentence felt good to type.  Renny, whose mindset I have not looked into – live feed watchers may have more insight – has nominated my two most hated houseguests.  I’ve felt betrayed by Jerry in recent weeks.  I thought he’d be a good guy (he certainly began the season that way), but his recent actions, his absurd dialogue and his behavior towards Dan have forever soured me on the old man.  April, however, is someone I’ve never liked, and her own recent behavior has only reinforced my dislike.  

You have to believe that Renny, if either Jerry or April wins the Power of Veto, will put up Ollie.  She has made her targets clear, and her alliance members clearer.  She is hitching her wagon with Keesha, Dan and Memphis.  Memphis may still try to be friendly with all sides, but it won’t matter – Michelle, Jerry, Ollie and April will see right through him.  This is all out war, friends, and Big Brother 10 has suddenly become exciting.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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