Renny was annoying early in the Big Brother season, then for a long while wasn’t given much screen time.  In the last week, we’ve begun to see more of her, in part because she is the new Head of Household.  It would be fair, I think, to call Renny the most enigmatic personality in the house.  As Jerry said tonight, she’s often a clown.  She has that larger than life, goofy as hell personality.  She could easily be seen as a crazy older woman.  But, she’s not dumb.  She’s a loose cannon for sure, but she has navigated the treacherous Big Brother waters admirably.  Renny is in good shape inside the house and, as you saw tonight, is very concerned with how the others view her.  Perception is important.  Tonight’s Big Brother saw Renny make two very important nominations.

Beautiful Sadness

In the aftermath of Renny’s Head of Household win, April and Ollie are upset.  They know that they will be the targets.  Well, April more so than Ollie.  The duo are also starting to regret, it seems, that they’re in an alliance with Jerry.  He always interrupts the couple’s alone time. 

Renny shows some unexpected emotion when she walks into her Head of Household room.  There are pictures of her mother and father and, at the sight of them, the Ragin’ Cajun breaks down in tears.  It was somewhat touching, but also a tad bit disconcerting. 

Memphis the Threat

Renny, as Head of Household, clearly has decisions to make.  Her allies clearly want her to nominate April and Jerry (or maybe substitute one of those for Ollie), but Renny is worried about Memphis.  She sees how well he and Keesha get along.  Renny knows that Memphis is a smart guy, she knows he’s a big threat, but he also knows that it wouldn’t be a good move to upset Keesha, considering the two of them are close.  This decision weighs heavy on Renny’s mind throughout the episode. 

Tasty Pig Ears

The food competition was one of those “make the reality series contestants eat gross stuff” competitions.  The players were split into two teams.  The red team consisted of Keesha, April, Dan and Michelle.  The Blue Team was Ollie, Memphis and Jerry.  It was structured like a Rock, Paper, Scissors game, but with different foods.  Pigs ears beat crickets.  Crickets beat slop.  Slop beats pig ears.  Whoever won the initial battle had to eat a plate of the food they won with to get a point.  First team to four points won.  April sealed a 4-2 victory for the red team by taking down some pig ears, despite the fact that she’s a vegetarian. 

Renny’s Decision

Renny flirted with the idea of putting a pawn up on the block, or nominating Memphis because he’s a threat.  In the end, Renny decided to nominate April and Jerry, with April seemingly her main target.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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