Renny kind of scared you a little bit on Big Brother last night, didn’t she?  The Nawlins native flirted with the idea of putting Memphis or Dan on the block instead of some combination of Ollie, April and Jerry.  Usually, you’d think that Renny was just joshing around, testing her fellow Big Brother houseguests.  But, with Renny, you never know.  She’s crazy like a fox.  Fans still remain split on Renny, both as a person and as a strategist.  Insane or a genius?  Clown or master schemer?  Now that the nominations have been made, it’s time for the all-important Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  Both events have already taken place inside the Big Brother house and, thanks to our friends at RealityBBQ, we know what has happened.  Did one of the two nominated houseguests win the Veto?  Could Jerry pull off another unexpected challenge victory and stay alive?


Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Dan won the Power of Veto.  He did not use it.

Phew.  Dan, apparently, spent a lot of time pondering whether to use the veto or not.  In the end, he played it safe and opted to keep Renny’s nominations intact.  This makes me incredibly happy.  Renny is also very happy, I’m sure, considering how preoccupied she is with pissing the fewest people off as possible.  Had Dan used the Power of Veto, she would have had to put up Ollie, who it looked liked she made inroads with last episode. 

Dan, I can’t imagine what he was even thinking about.  He, Keesha, Memphis and Michelle have their choice of who to evict.  Dan had nothing to gain by using the veto, unless he was prepared to shuffle up the alliances and do some serious wheeling and dealing.  That alliance could not seriously consider Ollie a greater threat than April, so now I expect them to oust the Blonde Ball of Obnoxiousness.  Poor Ollie.  I suspect Ollie’s possible post-Thursday solitude might give me a modicum of perverse joy.  But, honestly, I know how seriously guys can be blinded whilst in the throes of a new relationship.  Ollie – redemption awaits.  

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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