With little less than two months until the start of the 2016-2017 fall TV season, casting news is flooding in. Supergirl rounds out its season 2 cast with two new characters. The Flash might be drawing from The Vampire Diaries for a new villain. Quantico and Empire will both see new, young and fresh faces. Meanwhile Blue Bloods will see two popular TV actors appear in their season 7 premiere.

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Supergirl Casts Sawyer and Snapper

As Supergirl moves from CBS to CW (and for LA to Vancouver) several casting changes are also occurring with the sophomore superhero series. We already know that Superman will make his appearance played by Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin. He won’t be the only new face. According Hollywood Reporter Floriana Lima has been cast as a new detective Maggie Sawyer a popular character from DC Comics. Meanwhile, EW is reporting that Ian Gomez will be playing another comic character, Snapper Carr.  

While Gomez is set to recur as Snapper Carr, Lima’s Maggie Sawyer will be a series regular. Maggie was originally introduced in 1987 in the comics as a member of the Metropolis (home of Superman) police force. She eventually moved over to the Batwoman comic series and ended up being the romantic interest for Batwoman herself. Maggie Sawyer is one of DC Comics’ most high profile lesbian characters. It is very likely Supergirl will explore and present that aspect of her character. 

Snapper Carr, on the other hand, is a character who will probably be drastically changed from the comics. Carr is bit of goofy sidekick to the Justice League in the comics but Supergirl will see as an editor-in-chief of Cat Grant’s CatCo magazine. Supergirl’s Carr is described as a no-holds barred  worker who “tells people what he thinks of them.” It’s likely that Carr will be Supergirl’s “new” Cat Grant as it is still up in the air how much Calista Flockhart will appear on the show in season 2 with the location change. 

Could A Vampire Diaries Villain Being Playing a Flash Speedster? 

The Flash has given everyone a glimpse of Wally West as Kid Flash. He might not be the only new speedster who will make his appearance in season 3 of The Flash however. Comicbookmovie.com reports that The Vampire Diaries actor, Todd Lasance, has been seen filming with Keiynan Lonsdale on the set of  The Flash. Nothing is officially reported yet but it appears that Lasance will be at least be in The Flash season 3 and his costume suggests he might be playing a villainous speedster from the comics called the Black Racer. 

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Sierra McClain Deepens Rivalry Between Shine and Lucious on Empire

The rivalry between Lucious and Shine is about to heat up on Empire. According to The Hollywood Reporter, singer and actress Sierra McClain has been cast in a recurring role as a character named, Nessa. The upcoming season 3 of Empire will see McClain’s Nessa be a loyal protege of Shine. When Lucious hears her sing however he becomes determined to sign her talents for himself and his company. 

Quantico Casts Complicated Lawyer

One of the biggest and most attractive casts on network TV, Quantico, is about to get larger and even prettier. Deadline reports that Pearl Thusi has been cast in a new series regular role. She will be playing the character, Dayana Mampasi. Dayana is described as ambitious and assertive lawyer who appears to have everything in life. In actuality, she struggles to feel comfortable and fit in. 

Blue Bloods Lands Loughlin and Imperoli 

The Sopranos and Full House are coming to Blue Bloods… kind of. EW reports that Lori Loughlin of Full House (and Fuller House) fame and Michael Imperoli (The Sopranos) will be in the season 7 premiere of Blue Bloods. Loughlin will play the widow a slain police officer trying to stop the same fate from happening to her son. Imperoli will be playing a lawyer who is in charge of an investigation concerning Donnie Walhberg’s character, Danny. It is unknown if they will appear in more than one episode.  

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