Once Upon a Time season 5 continues with an episode that focuses on Snow’s past as a hero in the making, as well as her present struggle to inspire others. Meanwhile, Emma and Co. are still searching for Hook, an enemy returns to seek help from the Author, and we meet Hercules. Take a look back at the most notable moments from episode 13, “Labor of Love.”

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Hook Helps a Stranger

OUAT Hook Meg.jpgA bloody, beaten-up Hook is being held prisoner alongside a young woman who warns him against trying to escape. Hook decides to make a break for it anyway and takes the girl with him. Alas, they quickly realize that they both will not be able to make it to safety so Hook tells the girl to run while he distracts the creature that is pursuing them. He also wants her to tell Emma where she can find him.

Young Snow Meets Hercules

OUAT SnwmeetHerc.jpgPrincess Snow ends up in a tough spot after fleeing the castle and Hercules comes along to lend her a hand. In the present day, David is a bit jealous at the thought of his wife being childhood friends with a demigod, but since Hercules is dead he probably doesn’t pose much of a threat. Snow wants to find Hercules in the Underworld and help him with his unfinished business.

Emma and Regina to the Rescue

Regina and Emma help Megara, the young woman Hook freed, escape the creature that is chasing her. In return, she tells Emma where Hook is, but also warns them about the three-headed beast — also known as Cerberus — standing in their way of saving him.

Hercules Teaches Snow How to Fight

Young Snow tells Hercules about the bandits threatening her kingdom and Hercules advises her to fight them. Hercules decides to train Snow in the ways of a hero which includes her very first archery lesson. Bailee Madison is so charming as Young Snow that I could watch an entire hour just of her adventures.

Hades Threatens Our Heroes

OUAT Hadesthreats.jpgHades — who just so happens to be Herc’s uncle — arrives to stop Hercules and Co. from going up against the three-headed creature. Hades lets it slip that Cerberus is the reason Hercules ended up in the Underworld and he tells Snow that if she keeps meddling in his nephew’s life, he will go after her family. Hades also sends a clear warning for them to back off by giving Emma something he took from the man she loves: his hook.

Cruella Returns!

OUAT Cruella Henry.jpgWhen Robin and Henry head to Regina’s office to locate a map of the Underworld, Henry runs into Cruella. Cruella knows she does not stand a chance of leaving the Underworld for a better place and she wants to avoid going to a worse one, so she needs Henry’s help with a third option. Cruella says Henry can use his Author powers to bring her back to life. Cruella also says that the Author’s quill is a living entity so when Henry broke it, it ended up in the Underworld. Henry asks why he would ever help Cruella and Cruella points out that if she is no longer dead, then Emma is no longer a murderer. Will Henry choose to help Cruella in order to save his mother’s soul?

Regina Gives Snow a Pep Talk

OUAT ReginaspeechSnow.jpgAfter Snow seemingly throws in the towel, Regina gives her former step-daughter a speech worthy of the woman in question. Regina reminds Snow that Snow defeated her by never giving up on her and by making Regina her friend. Regina knows Snow can save the day once again but only if she embraces the hero inside of her. I cannot say it enough — we need more scenes between Snow and Regina. Lana Parrilla and Ginnifer Goodwin are fantastic together and there really is no other relationship on this show with as complex and interesting a history as the one between Snow and Regina.

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Young Snow Defeats the Bandits

The princess uses her new-found archery skills and her natural leadership abilities to best the bandits and prove herself a hero to her people. She celebrates by sharing a sweet kiss with Hercules before he heads off for his own fight.

Herc, Snow and Meg Defeat Cerberus

Snow realizes that the only way to kill the beast is to attack all three heads at once. This means that she and Hercules will need Meg’s help. Meg manages to break out of her damsel in distress role at just the right moment and the three work together to finally destroy the creature. Given that Megara only has a brief amount of screen-time in this episode, I wish the show hadn’t made her so helpless in most of her scenes. Though I am glad she stepped up when it really mattered.

“I want to be Snow White again.”

OUAT Snowquote.jpgSnow: “You didn’t know me in the Enchanted Forest, Emma, but…I was someone who took risks even when she was afraid. I was someone who, I guess, inspired people. An old enemy reminded me of that. I just don’t want to ever run the risk of forgetting who I was again.”
Charming: “What are you saying, Mary Margaret?”
Snow: “I’m saying I don’t want to be Mary Margaret anymore. I want to be Snow White again.”
Regina: “Well, it’s about time.”
Charming: “I think we can make that happen…Snow.”

— Snow embraces her true self once again

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Herc and Meg Move On

Our heroes help Hercules and Megara with their unfinished business and the two are able to move on to somewhere better. Hercules tells Meg that this “better place” people keep mentioning is actually Olympus.

Hades Wants to Punish the Heroes

OUAT HadesxHook.jpgUpset that two more souls have left his domain, Hades declares that for every soul the Storybrooke gang releases from the Underworld, one of them will have to take their place. Hades also declares that Hook will be the one to choose who stays behind.

Once Upon a Time season 5 airs Sunday nights at 8pm on ABC.

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