Some big casting news today. A lot of the season 2 cast for Scream Queens has been announced and it is very familiar. An important character joins the upcoming Prison Break revival. Actors of long running dramas confirm their returns while others line up new projects. There’s also some big guest star news, some returning and some appearing for the first time.

Scream Queens Announces Season 2 Cast and Plot

As previously reported, Niecy Nash is returning to Scream Queens as her character Denise Hemphill. Denise isn’t the only returning character from season 1 however. In fact pretty much everyone who survived season 1 of Scream Queens will return for the new season in the new location. According to TVLine, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd and Glenn Powell will all be joining Nash in the new season which will revolve around a hospital. 

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The Chanels will be freed from their mental institution and enroll in medical school because why not at this point? Former Dean Munsch (Jaime Lee Curtis) will buy the hospital with hopes of turning the whole system around and will be assisted by Keke Palmer’s Zayday. It’s unclear exactly how Lea Michele and Glen Powell’s characters will factor in but Michele’s Hester will have some kind of connection to the killer of season 2. 

Sarah Wayne Callies Joins Prison Break Revival

When the Prison Break revival was announced a crucial member of the original cast was missing. The brothers were back but not Sara. According to TVLine Sarah Wayne Callies’ Sara is now on board and will play a crucial role in the revival. The new Prison Break series will see Sara and Lincoln and team up to rescue Michael who they believed to be killed. When the revival starts Sara will be married to a new husband and raising her and Michael’s son with this new man. Once Sara receives hints that Michael might still be at live she will go after him with his brother leading to an international and daring rescue mission.

Justin Chambers Confirm Grey’s Anatomy Return

Justin Chambers is one of several cast members on Grey’s Anatomy whose contract is about to run out. While the fate of Chambers’ other co-workers is left undetermined, the actor has confirmed his plans. Chambers will continue on Grey’s Anatomy according to his own post on his Twitter account embedded below). According to TVLine, fellow cast members, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Sara Ramirez and Kevin McKidd have yet to confirm their status. 

Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones to Host Saturday Night Live

Emmy winner Peter Dinklage, best known for playing Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, will be adding another prestigious TV activity to his resume. TVLine reports that the veteran actor will host the April 2 episode of Saturday Night Live with Gwen Stefani as the musical guest. Dinklage first appeared on Saturday Night Live in a Weekend Update sketch but this is his first time hosting. Dinklage is also the first cast member from Game of Thrones to headline the sketch comedy show. 

DWTS’ Derek Hough to Return to Nashville

Derek Hough might have bowed out of the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars to be on Broadway but he’s making time for another TV appearance. E!Online reports that the actor/singer is set to return to Nashville as actor Noah West. Hough was first on Nashville in 2014 playing an actor starring against Hayden Panettiere’s character. It is unknown how exactly Hough’s character will return but he will be around for multiple episodes. 

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Marisol Nichols Joins Riverdale Pilot

Marisol Nichols was on NCIS and Criminal Minds but one of her most memorable TV roles was recently as the Desert Wolf on Teen Wolf. Nichols played a murderous mother on the supernatural teen drama and now she has signed up to play another mother, hopefully of a very different sort. According to TVLine, Nichols has joined Riverdale, The CW’s re-imagining of the classic Archie comics. Nichols will play the mother to one of Archie’s classic love interest Veronica Lodge, Hermione Lodge. 

Chris Noth Joins Tyrant

The Good Wife is ending but Chris Noth already has another job. Deadline reports that the actor who plays recurring character Peter on The Good Wife has joined the FX drama, Tyrant. Noth will be play a general in season 3 of the series. Noth will be Gen. William Cogswell, while Cogswell’s character will initially be there to offer American support he will reveal more and more “idiosyncrasies” as times goes on.

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