Burn Notice won’t return to the USA Network until January 21st but Gabrielle Anwar fortunately has something to keep herself occupied during the five-month hiatus (the last episode aired August). The English actress is appearing alongside One Tree Hill star Craig Sheffer in a Hallmark Original Movie tentatively titled Murder Among Friends.

Anwar, who on Burn Notice plays Westen’s ex Fiona Glenanne, will play art authenticator Joss Jenner, who joins her college girlfriends for a bridal shower that turns into a crime scene when one of the friends is found dead and is presumed to have been murdered. One of the friends becomes devastated and fixated on solving the crime. Sheffer, who plays Dan’s older but under-achieving brother Keith on One Tree Hill, will play sheriff Zach Watts, who along with the local authorities immediately start an investigation.

Anwar, 39, is no stranger to films, either on the small screen or not. She was in Scent of a Woman, The Three Musketeers, and Body Snatchers.

Murder Among Friends has begun production in Vancouver, B.C., Canada set for a 2010 premiere on Hallmark Channel.

Also starring is Cait Randell on Queer As Folk, with whom Anwar’s character has an unresolved dispute. Despite the animosity, the two are looking forward to a fun reunion at the cozy White Swan Bed and Breakfast until dinner on the second night when Joss finds Cait’s dead body.

As for her current project, Burn Notice was recently renewed for a fourth season. It is set to finish the second half of its third season in January. On the midseason closer, a dangerous man from Fiona’s past resurfaced with deadly intentions, something that prompted Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) to team up with her ruthless brother.

Source: Hallmark
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