David Allen GrierIt was comedy hour this morning as BuddyTV was a part of a conference call with David Alan Grier and Dave Foley of NBC’s new show Thank God You’re Here, which premiers April 9th at 9pm after Deal or No Deal. Their jovial answers were most likely an indication of the enjoyable nature of the show, but we’ll have to tune in to find out. Though their answers may not have been all that informative, they were certainly a good laugh.


Thank God You’re Here originated in Australia and became that country’s most popular game show. Produced by the same people that brought us American Idol, Thank God You’re Here puts actors into a live sketch comedy routine, completely unscripted. Most of the sketches will be drawn from the Australian version right now, but unlike that version, host David Allen Grier will be a part of the American sketches.

Both Davids noted that people have been a bit reticent about coming on the show but that once people see it, actors will be clamoring to get on the air. Though it is off the cuff, they have to edit some improvs that go really, really long. Some of the slated guests include Kevin Nealon (SNL, Weeds), Bill Bellamy (Last Comic Standing), Jane Lynch (For Your Consideration, Best in Show), Richard Kind (Mad About You), Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me, Big Day), Brian Poeshn (The Sarah Silverman Program)
and Harland Williams (“Dumb & Dumber”).

The show will be a departure from other sketch comedy shows like Whose Line is it Anyway. While that show had a set cast each week, Thank God You’re Here will feature a new guest actor each episode and even a surprise appearance by Jerry Springer later in the season. The point system is the same however, they merely pull a winner out of thin air.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Cameron Curtis

Staff Writer, BuddyTV