This has been such a fun week for Bravo! Also, if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas (because only my family reads this?), I made everyone a comprehensive Bravo-lebrity book and gift guide. I’d take some Andy Cohen Watch What Happens Live shot glasses, as well! Anyway, this week was pretty strange on Bravo, too. Here are my favorite weird things that happened:

Kim Richards gives her daughter advice on how to be picky at a restaurant on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It was a really brief moment in the show, but Kim told her daughter she should send stuff back if it doesn’t meet her standards. Her daughter protested, saying she felt bad for the people who made the food, but Kim said that the restaurant wouldn’t want her to be unhappy. Really? Because I’m pretty sure people in restaurants just want you to leave. Go ahead, take your business elsewhere!

Lisa VanderPump’s practical joke on Cedric. I love that Cedric will just keep doing whatever Lisa tells him to, so when she told him he should go check out the Turkish Bath in Mohamed’s mansion, he just went right ahead and did! Then she led a group of people in to “discover” Cedric over-staying his welcome. I love it!

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover is back! This isn’t strange, it’s awesome, but this week on TST, Tabatha spent the night at the salon owners’ house! She had a sleepover and helped them clean out their messy garage! It was fun, but weird, to see Tabatha in pink instead of black. Also, these people were the messiest people Tabatha had seen yet, and I am soooo excited for all new episodes.
Phaedra’s baby photo shoot. I love every single crazy ass photo shoot she does, especially that this one began with her baby crapping on her. But seriously, where does Phaedra get her ideas for these photos? They’re weird. And Apollo couldn’t be bothered to dress up? I guess it didn’t matter since we all knew he’d end up shirtless anyway. WEIRD.
Elia was eliminated on Top Chef. God, I’m so invested! I never thought she’d go home so early, though. I was willing to let go of Stephen, the somelier, but pretty much no one else. This All-Star season will be the death of me! But not really because I love it and will rise from the dead to see it through. That’s just science.

The Main Event: The Creepiest Millionaire EVER.
(Another sub-title I had come up with: D-egg-ster, but it would take too much to explain that this guy looked like an egg and was basically a serial killer like Dexter Morgan).
My favorite/strangest moment comes from The Millionaire Matchmaker this week. This guy would not quit with the creepy and it was so scary that I shuddered involuntarily while watching it. AND I could only watch it once because I didn’t want to have nightmares. Here he is trying to cast a spell on one of his dates/prey.
killeregg1.jpgThen he picked some poor girl and put his creep hands on her and took her to a restaurant where he tested her to see if she could cut it as his future wife. He TESTED her, by seeing if she would eat some crazy exotic embryo bullsh*t.
And on top of everything, he was incredibly rude. Patti can be harsh sometimes, but I love when she pinpoints what’s wrong/creepy about a guy and if he doesn’t change or is rude to her it’s OUTTA THE CLUB! What a creep!

So let’s end on a good note: HOT SALSA DOG!

What were your favorite Bravo moments?

(images and video courtesy of Bravo, Hot Salsa Dog courtesy of YouTube)

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