Last week’s episode of Supernatural was a Hunter reunion, brining Sam and Dean back together with Rufus and the Harvelles.  The existence and presence of other Hunters was a big part of season 2, but hasn’t been around much since then on Supernatural.

However, this latest look back into the world of Hunterdom inspired me to ask: Who is Your Favorite Hunter?

Now obviously I’m excluding the big names who we see all the time.  Obviously Hunters like Bobby or John would beat everyone into oblivion.  But what about the smaller, satellite Hunters?

Which of the Harvelles do you prefer, the tough as nails mom or the attractive daughter?  Or if you ever visited the Roadhouse (back when it was still around), would you have spent your time chatting with Ash about hacking and proper mullet care?

Later episodes introduced different kinds of Hunters.  There’s Rufus, the quiet, steadfast man who tends to keep to himself except for certain extraordinary circumstances.  And finally, if you see the Hunter world as black and white, you might prefer Gordon Walker, before he was turned into a vampire and got beheaded by Sam in one of the most gruesome scenes in Supernatural history.

Let us know which Hunter you like the best by making your picks in our showdown so we can settle who the best non-Winchester, non-Bobby Hunter really is.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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