Last week I got a lot of flak for trying to defend Sam and wrote that Dean should’ve forgiven him at the end of the episode.  After the second episode of Supernatural‘s fifth season, I’ve been proven wrong.

I was fooled by Sam, tricked into thinking his apologies were sincere and that he truly regretted what he did.  I also thought that raising Lucifer would be one of those eye-opening experiences and make him never want to even think about drinking demon blood ever again.

Instead, as Sam revealed in the final moments of “Good God, Y’All,” he hasn’t changed and he acknowledged that part of him still thinks drinking demon blood is OK.  By that time anyone who had seen the way he was licking his lips in the supermarket while staring at his blood-soaked knife already knew this.

So Sam left because he can’t be trusted and can’t be forgiven, but at the same time, Dean did show signs of remorse.  During that final scene, Dean offered the Impala to Sam, which for him is a bit like donating two kidneys a liver and a lung.  It was a bold and grand gesture that said even though Dean doesn’t forgive Sam, he still loves him.

But Dean could never say that.  He keeps his emotions close to his chest, which, sadly, is no longer where his favorite necklace is.  Castiel taking it was just one more painful jab because, as we all remember from “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” the necklace was originally intended as a gift for their dad, but when he didn’t show, Sam gave it to his big brother.

Dean’s attachment to the necklace was always a way of keeping his family close to him, and now he’s lost both that and his brother in the same episode.  I guess doing a tour of duty in Hell, literally, will harden a man up, because by judgment, a regular person would spend all of next week crying.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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