This week on the season finale of Bones, our favorite — or not so favorite — creepy psychopath we love to hate is seeking release from the ankle monitor, as Brennan and Booth fight to not let that happen.

When one of Brennan’s friends ends up murdered, everyone’s positive it’s Pellant. But the evidence starts piling up — on Brennan!

All Kinds of Evidence

We know that no matter what the evidence says, Brennan is innocent. But that evidence is strong: She knew the guy, Ethan (a doctor who had been in the mental hospital for schizophrenia), the type of plant found on the body Brennan had asked from Hodgins recently, Brennan is found on camera leaving the mental hospital the day before he escaped (though she says that was two weeks before) and the kicker — hair found in Brennan’s car matches Ethan’s.

Brennan also had been consulting Ethan, who was a mathematical genius, about Pellant, the computer genius.

Initially, Pellant is denied release after Brennan presents information the Jeffersonian and the FBI had been compiling for a while. So while the evidence is being reviewed, he can’t go anywhere.

But then Booth receives a call presumably from Brennan that Pellant has taken her, so an enraged Booth storms into Pellant’s home and beats him up. Badly. He’s worried about the love of his life, of course, but he should know better than that!

Question Everything

As soon as the evidence starts leaning toward Brennan’s way, she’s taken off the case. Then after Booth beats up Pellant, he has to turn his gun and badge in. To top it all off, Pellant is off the tether, free to do whatever crazy thing he’s going to do next. Then Sweets is taken off the case. And then the prosecutor, Caroline, is no longer in charge of it too!

Everyone struggles to make sense of it all. In their heart, they know she’s not capable of such a thing, but it’s their job to analyze evidence, evidence which points to Brennan.

Father Knows (Or Doesn’t Know) Best

But Brennan’s dad has her back the best way he knows how. Unfortunately, it’s to run away so she’s not in the system, instead of turning herself in like Booth suggests. Oh, boy. For someone who ran away from his family himself, he’s not telling his daughter to do the exact same thing? Is he nuts?

The Hidden Message

Brennan believes Ethan may have left messages as clues about Pellant. So Hodgins and Cam visit his room in the hospital — and find some crazy coded message that he wrote with his own saliva. Wow. Now if only they can figure out what it all means.

Running Away

Brennan and Booth are taking part of Christine’s christening, just before Brennan is supposed to turn herself in. At the same time, creepy Pellant is in Booth and Brennan’s home, taking photos of Christine’s nursery … and looking knowingly at what appears to be a hidden camera.

After the christening, Brennan is waiting for Booth to pull up with the car. When he does, Brennan’s dad pulls up in a car, and Brennan rides off with Christine just as Booth sees her taking off.

Ugh, why would she take off? For someone so rational, she does something SO irrational and also puts her baby in danger — because now she’s a fugitive.

This will also have serious repercussions on her relationship with Booth. How will he be able to trust her? 

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