In tonight’s episode, Nikita (Maggie Q) has to enter the belly of the beast in order to stop Percy’s (Xander Berkeley) latest plan.

Motherboards and Missiles

One of Percy’s agents steals three ancient motherboards from Maxwell Air Force station and Percy has Sonya install them at Division. Meanwhile, Ryan tells Team Nikita that Percy will need engineering help for his nuclear plans, so he looks into the CIA data they got from Kendrick.

There have been three suspicious deaths over the past two weeks and all of the dead men worked on a classified satellite project at the station (Two of the men are still alive.). Team Nikita realizes Percy could use the satellite to guide a missile.

An Old Face Returns

Kendrick gives Team Nikita security footage from the station and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) recognizes the shooter as Robbie, a former Division recruit. Birkhoff’s facial recognition software finds Robbie in upstate New York, so Nikita sends Alex and Sean (Dillon Casey) after him.

Nikita and Michael (Shane West) track down Henderson, one of the surviving engineers, but he is killed shortly thereafter and the other engineer died years ago. Luckily, they find a tape at Henderson’s place that explains the project the group was working on. Project Crossbow was focused on the creation of satellites that would be able to stop incoming missiles, but Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) says the program was shut down because the satellites could not hit a moving target.

It’s then that they realize Percy could use a satellite as a weapon to hit a fixed object on the ground. They also realize they need help from higher up.

Out of Options

Alex and Sean locate Robbie. Robbie is now a “cleaner” for Division and is completely loyal to Percy. Robbie manages to get away from them and activates a homing beacon before Sean kills him. Once Division has control of the satellite, Percy uses the beacon to give Sonya targeting coordinates. Percy then calls President Grayson (who has been alerted to the situation by Ryan and Kendrick) and tells him to prepare for a demonstration.

Percy uses the satellite to make the reactor explode, but Sean and Alex get out in time. Percy and his new associate want President Grayson to say the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban have failed and no treaty will be signed. If the President does not obey, Percy will target a heavily-populated location with his satellite-weapon. Percy gives Grayson three hours to decide.

Nikita says their only option is take back control of the satellite and the only way to do that is to infiltrate Division. They need to get to Division’s server room and Nikita says they could gain entry through the abandoned silo. To do that, they need to make it past the two agents at the Farm, without killing them, because their trackers would go offline. Alex and Sean get the job of subduing those agents, while Birkhoff runs things from the safe house and Nikita and Michael infiltrate Division. They will place a charge in the server room that they can remote-detonate once they are out of harm’s way.


Sean and Alex knock out the Farm agents, but Nikita and Michael have to split up. Nikita makes her way to the server room and that is when things go south. The Farm agents revive and one of them kills the other to activate his tracker and alert Division to intruders. Percy has teams sent to the Farm and the server room and puts Division on lock-down. Sean and Alex are besieged by an Alpha team and Michael makes his way into Division to help Nikita. Nikita gets the charge set just as the security team enters and she tells Michael to blow the charge. Michael does, but Nikita is close to the explosion and Michael is left to wonder if Nikita is okay as the episode ends.

Did Nikita escape the blast unscathed? Will Sean and Alex win their gun-fight against the Alpha team? Will everyone survive next week’s season finale?

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