Riverdale’s “Chapter Three: Body Double” takes a more serious note. While the investigation over Jason’s murder continues, Betty and Veronica deal with some real high school issues. Together, they take down the horrible, sexist football players and their playbook on the girls in school.

Why Did Jason Blossom Want to Leave?

Riverdale’s “Chapter Three: Body Double” begins with Cheryl Blossom being led away after she announced she was guilty. So what is she guilty of? She didn’t kill Jason, but she lied about what happened on July 4th. He died on July 11th. Jason wanted to leave Riverdale and never come back. So they came up with this plan for them to go to the river and pretend Jason drowned. They really made it to the other side and said goodbye. He promised to call within a month, but he never did. Cheryl then reveals they did hear a gunshot that morning. The cops aren’t buying it though. Suddenly, Cheryl’s parents show up and take her away.

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Is Archie a Suspect?

Archie then goes to the principal and cops and finally admits that he heard a gunshot just like Cheryl did. He doesn’t admit to his relationship with Ms. Grundy, though. He says he was writing songs with his dog.

Archie’s dad finds out that Archie lied about his road trip and went to the river on July 4th. He’s pissed Archie lied, so he grounds him.

Ms. Grundy is also really upset that Archie told the police about the gunshot. Now he’s a lead in a murder investigation. If they dig into it, they’ll find out about their relationship. So she ends their lessons.

Betty and Veronica Take on the Football Team

Veronica announces she has a date with Chuck the football player and coach’s son. According to Betty, he’s a player. But he’s also super hot. According to Kevin, it’s like dating a Kennedy.

Veronica and Chuck go to Pop’s and Chuck says she’s less high maintenance than he thought. They make out in the car.

Of course nothing can go right. Soon everyone in school is getting pictures of Veronica and Chuck. They say he gave her a “sticky maple.” Everyone’s horribly slut-shaming Veronica, but she won’t stand for it. Veronica’s determined to get revenge.

Veronica and Betty barge into the boys’ locker room and Veronica confronts Chuck. She demands he take the picture down.  He’s a total dick about it.

Later, Veronica, who’s clearly upset, evades her mom’s questions about her date and then gets a call from Betty. Betty found a group of women who’ve had similar experiences with guys on the football team. One girl, Ethel (Barb from Stranger Things!) says the guys keep scores on the girls and have a secret playbook. She tried to talk to principal about it, but they don’t have evidence. Cheryl shows up, though, and says Jason never mentioned the playbook and wouldn’t have let it happen. Plus, “Boys will be boys.” But Veronica’s not going to let this happen to these women anymore and she won’t tolerate Cheryl calling them “slut” anymore. Go Veronica!

Will the Pussycats Work with Archie?

Cheryl decides she needs to reward Archie for backing her up on the gunshot story. He gets one wish, so he asks her to hook him up with Josie and the Pussycats. Josie says he can watch the band practice and perform this week. He’s grounded, but he’ll make it work.

So Archie sneaks out and asks Josie and the Pussycats to play his songs. “For divas of color?” Josie asks. They’re the Pussycats because they have to claw their way into any room he can just walk into. He can’t write her experiences.

The problem? The pussycats are having trouble writing lyrics. So Archie starts making some suggestions and they start working together.

Archie sneaks back home, but his dad’s waiting for him. Archie tells him the Pussycats are performing his song and begs him to let him go to the show, but his dad says “no.” Archie says his dad wouldn’t stop him from going to a football game but he’s stopping him from pursuing his music because he doesn’t get it.

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Cat Fight at the Taste of Riverdale

Things finally come to a head at the Taste of Riverdale event. Everyone’s there including Fred, Hermione, and Ms. Grundy. Even Archie’s there; he snuck out to listen to Josie and the Pussycats sing. Fred talks to Ms. Grundy, who says it’ll be hard, but Archie’s talented and should give the whole music thing a try. The Blossoms are also there and are pissed at Josie’s mom, the Mayor, for not doing enough for Jason’s case. Mrs. Blossom also slaps Alice Cooper for leaking stuff about her son’s autopsy. Alice, who hates the Blossoms and Lodges, also tells Hermione that Veronica’s been “slut shamed” and is “out of control.”

One good thing came out of that night, though. The next day, Archie finds his dad soundproofing the garage so he can practice his music there. He and Ms. Grundy believe in him. So Archie goes to see Ms. Grundy and thanks her for talking to his dad. He wants to start their lessons again, and they wind up getting back together.

Boys vs. Girls

Ethel brings in a former football player. He quit the team when he saw the playbook and he knows where it is. So Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Kevin go searching that night. Cheryl even shows up to help. They find it. “New Girl,” Veronica got 9 points. “Big Girl,” Ethel got 7.5 points. Polly’s even in the book next to Jason’s name. Cheryl’s shocked and Betty’s furious. “Maybe I don’t know Jason,” Cheryl says. But Betty has a plan to get vengeance.

Betty gets ready at home and she and her mom have another fight over her behavior and friendship with Veronica. Her mom truly is terrible. Betty then meets Chuck at Pop’s. She says she wants to be a “bad girl” like Veronica. Chuck reminds her Polly was one too. Jason told them all about her. Betty asks him to teach her. They can meet at Ethel’s since her parents are out.

So Chuck goes to Ethel’s house to find Veronica waiting for him. She takes him to the hot tub and Betty walks out in a dark wig. She basically drugs Chuck. They handcuff him, turn up the temperature in the hot tub, and make him confess to what he did to Veronica while they record him. Betty starts berating him and even confuses him for Jason and herself for Polly. She starts pouring maple syrup on him saying he got a “sticky maple.” She goes too far but she finally stops.

In the end, Betty writes a whole expose on the football team. Veronica’s worried about Betty’s behavior the night before, but she denies calling Chuck Jason and herself Polly.

Ultimately, the coach has to cut his own son and his friends from the team. Good. But Jughead reveals that would have consequences in the weeks to come. Betty and Cheryl then burn the playbook together. Even Cheryl’s not as bad as she seems.

What Does Dilton Know?

Alice Cooper has been leaking things about Jason’s case since she’s in charge of the town’s paper. This gives Betty the idea to get the school paper started again. This way she can get the real facts and investigate the truth. She recruits Jughead to join her and he reluctantly agrees. She tells him to interview Dilton. He was at the river on the 4th, but nobody’s paying attention to him.

So Jughead goes to see Dilton. He claims he and the scouts didn’t hear anything weird. But did he see anything weird? Just Cheryl, sitting by the river, soaking wet.

During Jughead and Dilton’s conversation, one scout looked a little weird. So Jughead pays him a little visit later. He says Dilton’s lying. He was teaching them how to shoot guns that day. Dilton’s the one that shot the gun that Cheryl and Archie heard.

Jughead confronts Dilton over the gun. He’s a liar and public menace. Dilton says someone needs to teach the Scouts to stand their ground, but Jughead says he needs to confess.

Later, Dilton begs Jughead and Betty not to publish a story on him. He has a better story. He saw something nobody else saw: Ms. Grundy’s car by the river’s edge on July 4th. The problem? Now Jughead has to report it and betray his friend Archie. But did Ms. Grundy have something to do with Jason’s murder?

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