When Community returns for its third season on September 22, things will be a little different. And I’m not just talking about Pierce leaving the study group.

The biggest story this season, of course, is the entry of John Goodman, all-around awesome guy — well, awesome to everyone but Dean Pelton, who won’t like him one bit. Imagine, you’re the dean of your own community college, and one of your underlings has more power than you?

To be fair, Goodman’s character runs what is perhaps the most successful part of Greendale. And by that, I’m thinking “even City College can’t touch them” successful.

NBC released a sneak peek at the Community season premiere, with a little bit more footage from the previous clips we’ve seen over the past few weeks — and Joel McHale gushing over “Sir” John Goodman’s presence.

And in the off chance you’ve lost track of all that happened in the past year, why not watch DJ Steve Porter’s remix of Community‘s second season? You might’ve seen this at this year’s Comic-Con, but you have to watch this multiple times.

It’s stuck in my head now. Greendale is a sick school, full of sick, sick people…

Community returns to NBC on September 23.

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Henrik Batallones

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