Honestly, one wouldn’t expect Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence to reveal plenty about the new season of his hit show.  But from several of his interviews, we manage to unearth snippets and spoilers regarding this re-imagined ABC series we all know and love.

Since the show premiered this month, we’ve been expecting a lot because the season 8 finale really set the standard high.  We didn’t think Scrubs [Med School] would live up to the original, but the fans are still giving it a chance.  And with what Lawrence has divulged, we can see why.

Scrubs Season 9 Spoilers below!

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We all know that Scrubs [Med School] doesn’t really feature Sacred Heart Hospital, and Bill Lawrence explains the move to Culver Studios.  “We built a brand-new set, but the idea is that they ran out of money because of the economy, so there’s doors that go to nowhere and half-finished operating rooms and stuff.”

“The main set we built, besides the new hospital, is a huge auditorium lecture hall where John McGinley lectures the new students,” Lawrence announced on an interview with NJ.com.  “And he starts out saying he thinks of them all as tiny assassins who wander around the hospital killing people.  And it’s really funny.”

We’ve already met some of the new interns, from narrator Lucy (Kerry Bishe) to the egoistic Cole (Dave Franco).  But one person who’s gotten some attention is Drew (Michael Mosley), being Dr. Cox’s #1 and Denise’s (Eliza Coupe) special someone.  Lawrence told Spoiler TV that the couple won’t be the next J.D. and Elliot, but instead: “Think Turk and Carla,” he said.

Moreover, we all know how Turk (Donald Faison) and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) heavily feature in Scrubs [Med School] as regular characters. Zach Braff’s in for six episodes, but what about the rest?

“Ken Jenkins, we ended up using him a lot, so he’s on the show pretty regularly,” Lawrence told TV Guide.  “Sarah Chalke makes a lot more appearances than people are writing about.  She’s in a bunch more episodes.”

Speaking of episodes, here’s the list for this season, with some spoilers about the plots for each.  There’s a total of 13.

9.01 – “Our First Day of School”
Official Description: Set one year after the finale of Season 8; J.D., Turk, Cox, Kelso and intern Denise return to Sacred Heart to teach med school while new med students Lucy, Drew and Cole are put through the wringer on their first day of school

9.02 – “Our Drunk Friend”
Official Description: Lucy learns a hard lesson about what it takes to be a doctor.  Meanwhile J.D. and Turk spot a potential love connection between Denise and the new med student Drew, as they play matchmakers with a little bit of help from Dr. Kelso

9.03 – “Our Role Models”
Official Description: J.D. and Drew learn a tough lesson in mentoring when Dr. Cox and Lucy show them that sometimes the student is the teacher

9.04 – “Our Histories”
Official Description: J.D. and Turk show up in costume at a med student’s party. Meanwhile, Kelso bids a fond farewell to Ted and Gooch.

9.05 – “Our Mysteries”
Official Description: J.D. still clamors for Dr. Turk’s approval as he approaches his final day of teaching at Sacred Heart, Lucy searches within herself for the courage to perform a basic medical procedure on a real human, and Denise and Drew make things official.
– Sunny Dey (Sonal Shah), a medical resident from season 8, will be appearing on this episode as a guest star

9.06 – “Our New Girl-Bro”
Official Description: While Turk struggles to find a replacement best friend, Elliott offers some sound advice and guidance to an over-worked and exhausted Lucy.

9.07 – “Our Couples”
Official Description: Lucy finds couplings, dysfunctional or not, throughout the hospital.
Spoiler TV  reports a casting call for Trang, “an intelligent med student who is part of Lucy and Drew’s study group” and a possibly recurring character.

9.08 – “Our White Coats”
Official Description: Before receiving their white coats, the med students of Winston University must figure out why they want to be doctors, and Denise gets a little relationship help from Elliot.

9.09 – “Our Stuff Gets Real”
Official Description: The reality of having a baby begins to settle in for both J.D. and Elliot while Lucy struggles with the reality of operating on people.
Spoiler TV  reports that a casting call has been made for a “bickering Jewish couple” who are “both patients at the hospital and terminal.”

9.10 – “Our True Lies”
Official Description: A case of guilty conscience plagues the med school when a student cheats on an exam and Dr. Cox takes it out on the entire class. Meanwhile, Denise makes a startling admission of her own.
– With another casting call from Spoiler TV, we may get to see a 75-year-old version of Lucy in another daydream.
– There’s also going to be a character named Nicole, 25 years old and is “a stunningly beautiful lipstick lesbian who is in the hospital to be treated for complications from ulcerative colitis.”

9.11 – “Our Dear Leaders”
Official Description: Lucy takes her new assignment as hell week “team leader” a bit too seriously, and Dr. Turk feels threatened when an internationally renowned surgeon pays a visit.
Spoiler TV  reports a casting call for someone to play Lucy’s date – at least  5’10” in height – in her high-school prom, to appear in a flashback.

9.12 – “Our Driving Issues”
Official Description: When Cole and Kelso both get negative results back after a few routine tests, they learn the hard way to put their egos in check in order to rein in the support of their so-called friends.
Spoiler TV reports two casting calls. The first is for Frank, who is in his “early 20s, a skinny, creepy med student who is partnered up with Lucy.”  Another is for Ming, a hot Vietnamese in her early 20s, who will be “an escort who accompanies Dr. Kelso to the hospital.”

9.13 – “Our Thanks”
Official Description: The med students of Winston University finally find something to be thankful for when Cole identifies his true calling in surgery, Drew finds the love of his life, and Lucy finds the inspiration to become a doctor.
Spoiler TV reports two casting calls.  One for “a good-looking, cool med student” named Cole.  Another for a character named Eric Coleman, “35, Caucasian. The son of Lucy’s cadaver, Ben. He resents his father and never had a good relationship with him. He has come to claim his body and bury him.”

Source: ABC, NJ.com, TV Guide, Spoiler TV
(Image Courtesy of ABC)

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