The Kandorians are in danger on Smallville tonight, which obviously means it’s up to Clark (Tom Welling) to save the day.  Oh, and Zod too.

On the episode “Conspiracy”, JR Bourne takes his turn as a guest star and portrays the doctor Bernard Chisholm.  He has died once in the past, but was brought back to life by the Kandorians for their experiments.  Now that he’s escaped, it’s time for a simple case of revenge.

Chisholm kidnaps several Kandorians to prove that aliens have invaded planet Earth, and he tries to get publicity for what he’s done.  He attempts to convince Lois (Erica Durance) to write a story about it but she refuses.  Solution: he kidnaps her as well.

Zod takes notice of the missing Kandorians and decides to help them at once.  He poses as a reporter from the Daily Planet to get into Chisholm’s lair.  He succeeds, but later finds out that it’s a suicide mission.  As he uncovers the secrets of the lab, he gets shot with only Clark as his only hope of survival.

As our hero enters the scene, he battles his scorn for the enemy in an effort to save the Kandorians.  All the while, he has to keep Zod (Callum Blue) alive.

The trailer for the new Smallville episode can be found below, and it’s a total scream to watch.

Here’s another clip of the new Smallville installment, wherein Clark searches for the captured Vala (guest star Crystal Lowe) and tries to bring her to safety.  Too bad Major Zod’s already around telling him he’s too late.  You can see the disgust clear on this tyrant’s face.

“Conspiracy” certainly feels darker than last week’s Valentine’s Day special “Persuasion.”  Lois is back to her normal, feisty self, which as usual gets her into trouble.  But what the episode will really zero in on is the struggle between Zod and Clark.  Will they actually team up in order to bring down Chisholm and rescue the Kandorians?

Don’t forget to catch Smallville tonight at 8pm on the CW.

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