The short answer is, well, no.

Fresh from a Cuddy-centric episode, a comment Lisa Edelstein made to Jewish Exponent had some House fans concerned about the Dean’s tenure on both Princeton Plainsboro and House.

“I’m a bit fickle,” Edelstein had said in relation to finding fulfillment in her current job. “So, I think a good seven years of satisfaction [as Dr. Lisa Cuddy] will lead me to the next phase.”

Does it sound like Edelstein, 43, is ready to look on to other things once her seven-season contract on House is done?

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Talking to Entertainment Weekly, the former Queen of Downtown has assuaged everyone’s fears on the matter by clarifying that the comment is apparently not as drastic as it sounds and that she was just being pragmatic.

“The question behind that quote was regarding life after House,” she says. “I’m not planning on leaving, I just don’t count my chickens before they hatch. Since I’m only owned for seven years at the moment, seven is what I said.

“However, if they want me for more I’m raring to go. I love my job!”

This, despite the fact that some House fans aren’t exactly thrilled about her character’s current storyline involving House’s (Hugh Laurie) former PI Lucas (Michael Weston).

The former “Risotto Girl” previously explained that there was a “lot of levels” regarding her relationship with Lucas.

“I think on one hand you see this kind of uncomplicated ease with this guy who’s just showing up. He shows up. He actually does his best and shows up and wants to be there.”

As for her relationship with the titular doctor, Edelstein confesses that “she had this long, deep, fascinating, back-and-forth with that she can’t seem to steer clear of and what he actually means in her world, how he affects her world.”

House returns next week with “Private Lives” where the team tries to treat a famous blogger, while House and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) learn secrets about each other and go speed dating along with Chase (Jesse Spencer).

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Jewish Exponent
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