Though there’s still no confirmation from the CW, just hearing about the possibility of season 10 is already enough to send any Smallville fan into a frenzy.  We reported earlier that the network has released which shows have been renewed for another installment.  The Clark-centric drama wasn’t on the list, even though we were already certain of its return.

Still, many followers of the hit show continue to wonder if and when we can hear news regarding the status of Smallville.  Someone asked Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly to explain this delay, and we hear there’s good news up ahead.

A fan named Ryan posted his query: “Crazed fans like myself desperately need an update on Smallville‘s renewal.  How’s it looking?  Any idea what the hold-up is?”  While we’re guessing there’s just a bit of trouble with the contracts and stuff, the insider did confirm the speculations.

About the renewal, Ausiello reports: “It’s looking really, really good.”  When it comes to the reason though, it’s just what we expected.  He explained, “And the hold-up is due to boring stuff like contracts and money.”

We know that Tom Welling has definitely agreed to another season, but maybe the problem’s with the rest of the cast.  Let’s not get technical or anything though.  We can only guess what’s happening behind the scenes, since there seems to be another delay on the way.

The news regarding season 10 isn’t the only thing that will keep us waiting.  March is here, but we’ve already been struck with misfortune.  The CW won’t be airing any new episodes of Smallville until next month.

For now, it’s going to be rerun after rerun every Friday at 8pm.  It’s not that bad, but it’d certainly be better to get exposed to new episodes.

The next installment will be airing on April 2.  We’re not even sure which among the upcoming ones will be aired yet.  As usual, the network’s keeping us in the dark when it comes to Clark.

Source: The CW, Entertainment Weekly
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