This week on Survivor, one person stayed at Redemption Island, one left the game for good, and one was sent to Redemption Island for the first time. New alliances formed, old alliances were tested, and Stacey just didn’t give a flying f*** about any of it. Here are the biggest moments from Survivor: South Pacific, episode 4.

Jim and Cochran come together in a secret alliance to eliminate Elyse and break down Ozzy’s support system. This could take Cochran three days farther in the game, and turn everything on its head, especially if they can get Dawn in on the plan. I can’t wait to see what happens the next time Savaii loses immunity.

Brandon goes on an apologizing spree, revealing the game plan to Edna.

Ozzy gets overconfident and criticizes Jim’s constant strategizing. Could this relaxed attitude lead to Ozzy’s eventual demise? Will he be blindsided holding an immunity idol again?

Christine beats Papa Bear in the duel. Christine proved to herself, and everyone watching, that she’s not going down without a fight.

Edna tries too hard to make friends, and to make people want her around. In the process, she annoys everyone and they consider voting her out even sooner, that is if Brandon doesn’t spontaneously combust first.

Dawn hangs on to the weight for her life, as Stacey drops it, losing immunity for Upolu. In the end, if Stacey had been able to hang on, she would have just bought herself another three days or so, but this was a big move for Dawn, proving her strength and usefulness to the Savaii tribe.

Jeff has everyone fill in the blank, “the most annoying thing about _______ is ________.” Although, in the end, it didn’t change anyone’s vote, it gave us a foreshadowing of things to come, and a peek at how self-aware certain tribe members (EDNA!) are.

Upolu stays true to the plan/alliance and votes Stacey out. In the end, they chose trust, or the game plan, over strength and a chance at winning future challenges. How long can you stand Edna, though? How long can you keep a loose cannon like Brandon around? Not that Stacey was trying too hard to find the idol or make friends at camp.

Stacey refuses Coach’s hug. This was my favorite move of the night. Coach decided everyone should hug Stacey goodbye, but she wouldn’t have it. She called them false, and promised to expose Coach as Upolu’s puppeteer at the next duel. She’s going out swinging!

What were your favorite moves of the episode?

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