As Ben’s journey toward everlasting love continues, so does our journey of trying to find out what we can about his season of The Bachelor before his season of The Bachelor actually airs. (Who is having more fun on their journey, Ben or us? It’s impossible to say! But definitely him.) In other words: OH MY GOD it’s time for new Bachelor spoilers!

But first, let’s quickly recap what we already know: We know who five of this season’s 25 pretty, young white women are; that filming started at Bachelor Mansion, then moved to Sonoma, where the producers pissed off the local media something fierce, and then moved to San Francisco; and that Mike Fleiss thinks this is his best cast since More to Love. Read this previous Bachelor spoiler roundup for all the juicy details.

Now, on to this week’s Bachelor spoilers, which will take us from the lush, curvaceous ski slopes of urban San Francisco, to the lush, curvaceous slopes of the scantily-clad women who want to win half of Ben’s winery in their future divorce settlement I MEAN MARRY HIM AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER:


Reality Steve has revealed the identities of three more of this season’s women, bringing our total number of known ladies to 8:

Blakeley Shea, 34: An esthetician (that’s the person who gives you facials), former Hooters girl, former Maxim Top 100 in 2006. A real “take her home to Mom” type! Be warned: If you Google Image search her, you WILL see her butt crack and many other mostly-naked parts, because she is a classy and subtle lady. Non-buttcrack photo here.
Jaclyn Swartz, 27: An account Manager at CBS Interactive ( in New York City. Whoooa, rival network employee in the HA-OUSE! Second from the top left in this photo.
Samantha Levy, 26: Our dreams have been answered, it’s another pageant girl!!! Samantha is the current Miss Pacific Palisades 2012, and will be competing for Miss California 2012. Since The Bachelor is basically one long beauty pageant, she’ll probably do well. Sash-included photo here.


SAN FRANCISCO, continued: For his big group date in San Francisco, Ben took 11 of his lucky ladies skiiing. In the street. On a hot day. You know, just your typical date!

The Bachelor crew blocked off and filled a street in the city’s North Beach area with snow, then sent Ben and his ski bunnies (decked out in hats, gloves AND bikinis) down the hill for a wonderfully over-the-top afternoon in a fake winter wonderland. Since the scene was set up in a residential neighborhood, all sorts of folks were able to snag photos. Here are a couple, and below you can find links to many, many more:


More Skiiing in San Francisco Photos: Here, here, here. (Above photos from: John Riley via Flickr; Reality Steve)

PARK CITY, UTAH: Reality Steve tells us that filming has since moved to Park City, where, last night, Ben took one of his ladies on a one-on-one date to a concert by country singer Clay Walker at the Canyons Resort.

He’s also teased us that he knows where the show is heading next, including the location of the final rose ceremony, which will apparently NOT be the typical romantic bluff on a tropical island: In the 22 seasons this show has been on, I can’t remember a final rose ceremony location quite like this,” Steve says.


One last teaser from Reality Steve:
“One of the shows producers, Robert Mills, tweeted a picture Friday night of Chris Harrison in front of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco (where the rose ceremony took place) with the caption, “Everything is about to change.” [Here’s the tweet/photo in question.] I’m well aware of what he’s referring to. However, I’m not ready to release it yet until I know the full details behind it. Lets just say it’s been a while since this franchise has done something like this. But yes, it has happened before.”

Whatever could he mean? The last huge Bachelor “twists” I remember happened during Byron Velvick’s season way back in 2004, when he A) competed with another Bachelor at first, and then the women chose which guy they wanted to date, B) Two female contestants from previous Bachelor seasons returned and joined in the competition, and C) Byron moved in with the women, giving them all more time to hang out and fight over him.

Do you think any of those game-changers could be in the cards for Ben’s season? I’ll let you know if/when I find out, but let’s share theories in the comments!

(Image: Reality Steve)

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