Now that the most personal of dances have come and gone, it’s time to guess which of the competitors on Dancing with the Stars season 13 will go home in week 3. No matter how moving their stories, one DWTS competitor is doomed. Who will it be?

To be honest, I’m feeling a little clueless.

The judges seemed more-or-less happy with everyone last night, and the scores reflect it. Four competitors (Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Hope Solo and David Arquette) received the same score of 24! And only one of the celebrities scored below a 20. Thus, yet again, we must make assumptions about popularity when choosing who will be eliminated.

Most Likely to Go

Nancy Grace (score = 21)
Nancy’s ode to her children was lovely and moving. But there was no flash and no flair. When coupled with the second-lowest score of the night, this puts Nancy in serious jeopardy.

Chaz Bono (score = 18)
If it were all about the dancing, Chaz Bono would go home in week 3. Most of the performers excelled this week, but Chaz gave a performance that was roughly the same as before. Not horrible and very pleasant, but the dancing isn’t at as high a level as the others.

Most Deserving of Elimination
Chaz Bono
Just for the dancing. However, Chaz has active support on a level far higher than any other competitor in Dancing with the Stars season 13. That puts Nancy more directly in the elimination crosshairs.

Should Be Worried

Carson Kressley (score = 23)
However entertaining they are, DWTS audiences rarely vote to retain the funky dancers. Carson Kressley definitely counts in this category. On the other hand, Carson managed an excellent performance this week. And he didn’t do a rumba. That’s got to count for something.

David Arquette (score = 24)
After last week’s abysmal results, David was the most likely to go this week. Except that he suddenly was able to dance. The judges were enraptured, and David got another chance. Are the voters likely to be as thrilled? Hard to say.

Hope Solo (score = 24)
Hope Solo looked a little nervous at times in her fast and sexy cha cha. It didn’t hurt the performance, but that fear can hurt Hope’s chances with voters. Still, she’s pretty and nice and has a shot at this.

Kristin Cavallari (score = 24)
Kristin gave another technically excellent and thoroughly forgettable dance in week 3. Her scores are probably enough right now, but a tighter personality contest might put her in jeopardy.

Rob Kardashian (score = 24)
Who knew Rob Kardashian could dance like that? Rob is far from the best dancer, but he’s pretty good. Going first in week 3 might hurt a bit, but the Kardashian name and a solid performance should pull him through.

Probably Safe… For Now

Chynna Phillips (score = 26)
It’s possible that “Hold On” is the best DWTS song ever. I barely watched the dancing while it played. But what I (and the judges) saw was excellent and pretty. Chynna Phillips is definitely a front-runner this season.

Ricki Lake (score = 27)
Highest score of the night. Beautiful dance celebrating love. Consistent work from a pleasant person. Ricki Lake isn’t leaving Dancing with the Stars anytime soon.

J.R. Martinez (score = 26)
It may be humanly impossible to not love J.R. Martinez after his week 3 rumba. He may not have had the highest scores of the night, but J.R. delivered the performance to beat.

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Which stars were the best last night? Which were the worst? Who do you expect will go home? Share your comments and theories below — and be sure to vote in our elimination poll!

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