The power is back with the Plastics on Big Brother: Over the Top. After Shelby annihilated her competition in the latest HoH competition, the member of the Plastics who “couldn’t win anything” is now making the decisions for the week. This is Over the Top, though, so naturally the show is going to throw some wrench into Shelby’s HoH reign. The Care Package for the week is Co-HoH, which oddly much of the house has already guessed. No matter who wins it Shelby will have to share her power with someone else. Will the winner of Co-HoH be her ally or one of her enemies from the other side of the house? 

Big Brother: Over the Top Spoilers: Who Won the Week 6 HoH?>>> It was another close vote for Big Brother: Over the Top as the voting on most fan polls was pretty evenly split between Jason and Whitney for Co-HoH. In the end though, Shelby will have to work with one her enemies this week on the Over the Top, if not her biggest enemy. 

America gave Jason the Care Package!

Though Jason and Shelby’s rivalry is more on his side and consists of Jason vulgarly insulting Shelby, this does complicate Shelby’s plan. Shelby told Alex that she would like to get rid of the two men left in the house for the next two weeks on Over the Top. The Co-HoH obviously makes Jason safe from nomination or eviction this week. But there is a downside to Jason’s Care Package — he will not be able to compete in the next Head of Household competition.

Morgan, meanwhile, is convinced that she will be Jason’s target this week and will be going up on the block. Morgan feels that since Whitney has already promised to use her Care Package to help the Misfits, Jason will not consider putting her up. (Side note: Whitney does appear to have re-aligned with the Plastics after considering jumping ship during Danielle’s HoH reign.)

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Since in Over the Top the Head of Household names who they want safe rather than who they want to be nominated, things are changing from Big Brother 18. It actually might make the first safety ceremony a little bit more interesting than usual. At each safety ceremony Jason and Shelby will get to name one person they want to make safe. The last two HGs remaining will be ones on the block for that week. Unless they come to an agreement about their choices, it might not matter who Jason and Shelby want to put up. They will be forced to just save those players that they don’t want to be in danger. 

The interesting wrinkle to this is Co-HoH. If there is a tie during the eviction ceremony, only one HoH will have the power to break it. This power will be decided by whoever does best in the Power of Veto competition this week between Shelby and Jason. This will make the Veto a little more important than usual. 

But what do you think? Are you happy that Jason was given Co-HoH? Are you looking forward to him “working together” with Shelby? Who should Shelby target for eviction now? Who should Jason target for eviction?

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