The most boring week ever ended tonight as Big Brother 9 saw the eviction of James, which we all knew was coming. Even before he was officially evicted, the other houseguests were scheming, strategizing, and falling over themselves with double-crossing. That’s what happens when you evict all the infidels, you’re left with nothing but good Christians to persecute.

Big Brother 9: Week 9 Eviction, Plus HoH Results

The episode ended with one of those obnoxious endurance HoH competitions, meaning if you only watch the TV show, you won’t know who the HoH is until Sunday. If you want to know right now, continue reading.  And FYI, that picture isn’t necessarily a spoiler.

Escape of the Scapegoat

In a college class called Small Group Dynamics, I learned all about scapegoats, how the object of scorn by the rest of the group is necessary for the group to function properly. Well, with James certain to be evicted, Team Christ has no more scapegoat, and the result is quite confusing.

Sharon, Sheila and Natalie promised to team up against the guys, while Adam and Ryan also drew gender lines. Then Natalie went to Adam to rat out Sheila for plotting against him, while Sheila did the same thing, telling Ryan that they need to get Natalie.

Hung Jury House

Matt is all alone in the Jury House. He has nothing but his own thoughts to keep him company, so he is truly all alone. Next, Chelsia arrives, and he immediately tries to hook up with her, which she says is an absolute impossibility. Then Joshuah arrives, and Matt compares him to a girl on her period. He’s like an even more sexist version of Andrew Dice Clay. The three watch the video of the last week, with Chelsia and Joshuah making fun of Natalie (Matt’s ex-flame and potential sugar mommy) the entire time.

James Goes Down

By a vote of 3-0, James is eliminated. Duh. To be positive, he goes out with class, not making a giant scene like we all expected him to do. And in his interview with Julie Chen, he earns a tiny bit of my respect saying he loathes Natalie and Ryan because of what they stand for. I must agree: those two are the epitome of self-righteous hypocrites, hating in liars while lying themselves, cloaking themselves in Christianity to defend their horrible actions and utter ignorance.

To Be Continued…

This week’s HoH competition is more endurance. The four eligible players are placed in glass boxes without bottoms and must hang on to a chain. The last person in their box wins.

Since this is just a recap of the televised episode of Big Brother, we won’t print the results. But if you want to know who won, visit this page to read:

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