The Big Brother house has turned into a soap opera.  There was more crying on Big Brother tonight than in all previous episodes combined, and from a number of house guests.  Half of the house broke down in tears at some point, and Natalie wasn’t one of them!  I’ve said it before, but it’s worth mentioning – Big Brother mentally and emotionally destroys people, and I understand why.  I would go on Fear Factor or The Amazing Race or Survivor or even The Moment of Truth before agreeing to enter the Big Brother house.  The claustrophobia would become excruciating.  I understand the tears.  Tonight’s Big Brother also gave us an extremely important Power of Veto competition. 

James Cries, Yells, Hates Pants

James, after being nominated and having lost Chelsia to the purgatory of sequester, is emotionally wrecked.  He cries alone, he cries in the Diary Room – he is sad.  When he overhears Sheila talking loudly about how everyone wants him gone and whatnot, it only compounds the problem.  James has no one to talk to, and continually talks about how he is alone on an island in this game.  He gets into a brutal shouting match with Sheila, where he’s screaming, whining and crying all at once.

And he’s not wearing any pants the entire time.

Black briefs and a t-shirt is James’ wardrobe, and it makes the whole sequence that much more surreal and uncomfortable. 

Guessing Pounds of Lard: A Skill Game

The Power of Veto competition is extremely important to everyone.  All the house guests want James evicted, especially Joshuah who is on the block with James.  Unfortunately, James ends up winning the Power of Veto.  I’d explain it in full, but the whole thing was pretty asinine. It involved guessing the contents of various items (how many rubber balls in a gum ball machine, how many pounds of lard in a bathtub, etc.).  James, upon winning, rejoices to no end, while everyone else is depressed.

More Tears, More Ruthlessness, This Time with Pants

Joshuah is the crying ball of goo now.  He feels that now, with James the PoV winner, he’s going to be evicted.  He assumes, and Natalie backs this assumption up, that Nat will nominate Sharon in James’ place and Josh will then be evicted.  Josh cries, he tells Sharon he’s gone and there’s no hope.  He, Sheila and Sharon have a good cry.  It’s all ugly…but then Josh is reborn.  He stops himself, and stops crying and decides to turn on Sharon.  He strikes a deal with Natalie: Ryan and James will vote to evict Sharon, and then Natalie will cast the tie-breaking vote and evict Sharon.  Everyone agrees.  We’ll see if this lasts until tomorrow.

The Inevitable

James takes himself off the block.  Sharon goes up in his place. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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