Previously on That’s Amore! – The girls’ families arrived, and Christina got super drunk (as did her mom), started a fight (as did her mom) and got thrown out of the mansion (as did her mom).

This is the penultimate episode of That’s Amore, thank God. It’s kind of amazing, and a commentary on MTV’s lack of faith in this show, that 14 women can get eliminated in just six episodes. Also, the episode description for next week’s finale gives away the final two, so keeping it a secret wasn’t a priority at all. Ashley McNeely calls in some friends, Amanda and Michael B. from A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. They wake up Domenico Nesci, and he’s excited to see his old friends.

Michael meets them and falls in love immediately with each and every girl. The two newbies then interrogate each girl. Kathleen has never been in love and never had sex. Amanda seems to question how “virginal” she is, as in, does the mouth count. Kathleen immediately goes to caress and suck on Domenico’s toes. What’s up with foot fetishists on these shows? First The Entertainer sucked on New York’s foot, now this?

Michael blames Megan for taking back a guy who cheated on her. Both Megan and Kim say Kathleen is not there for him. Talor confesses that she enjoys having sex with men in bathrooms. Then Michael tries to get Talor to hook up with Amanda. Somehow, Michael is even hornier than Ashley and Domenico combined. They debrief Domenico, saying they don’t like Kathleen, but love the other three.

The girls get their pizza delivery note and head outside for some go karting. Wait, this has nothing to do with food, what show is this? They’ll do three laps, and after each one, the last girl is out. Talor goes out first, then Kathleen is out, with Kim and Megan finishing first and second, respectively, both times. Heading around a curve, Kim slams on the breaks and forces Megan to run into her and suffer a bit of whiplash, letting Kim win. She wins a solo date. He takes her to a telescope to see the stars, but Kim is like, “I’d rather see Uranus.” Tony Kornheiser would be so proud of me.

The next morning they get their second pizza delivery, ordering them to go straight to the elimination room. They meet up with Domenico and Ashley to watch videos of their confessionals. Kathleen is called boring, fake, slutty and definitely not a virgin. Talor is called unstable and emotionally juvenile in relationships. Megan is called boring and reserved. Kim is called a party girl with fake boobs, hair and personality.

As a result of those revelations, Domenico requests some private time with Megan and Talor. So it’s kind of obvious Kathleen is gone, Kim is safe, and he’s just deciding on the other two. The date with Megan is cute and comfortable. On his date with Talor, they enjoy some strawberries and chocolate. She’s coming off a bit desperate to impress.

That’s Amore Elimination Time! Megan gets the first flag. Kim gets the second one, so arrivederci, virgin slut Kathleen and desperately trashy Talor. On the bright side, I’m sure she can still get Amanda, so long as she doesn’t mind Michael B. watching and recording it.

Next week on That’s Amore: It’s the season finale, and Kim and Megan head to Italy with Domenico to meet his parents and grandparents. Then Domenico will pick “the love of his life.”

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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