Big Brother 9 hasn’t been a fountain of strategy.  I can’t name one move by any player that has impressed me, let alone made any sort of impact.  These house guests are merely surviving inside the house.  With two distinct alliances, the last couple of weeks inside the Big Brother house have gone according to plan.  However, I have a sneaking suspicion that things may change this week.  With Joshuah up on the block, and maybe the favorite to be evicted, Ryan has a decision to make.  Should he stick with his secret alliance partner, or toe the alliance line?

Tonight’s Big Brother episode is being delayed as a result of the NCAA tourney.  Unfortunately, Davidson couldn’t pull it out against Kansas.  Hell of a game, though.  I’ll be here giving live updates once the episode begins.

I just listened to Andy Rooney either argue that swear words are bad or defend our right to use them.  My point: he’s old, he’s crazy and his eye brows are spectacular. 

Chelsia went crazy last episode.  What a baby.  Sheila and Natalie take offense to Chelsia’s good bye comments. 

Adam makes fun of Chelsia’s goodbye speech.  Ha. 

This all from the recap still.  Going on long, as always.

Natalie thinks this was god’s plan, for her to win HoH.  God does not care about Big Brother, sorry. 

Everyone thanks god now.  Lots of god talk.  Ryan calls his alliance Team Christ.  I vomited a little in my mouth. 

Natalie!  Again with the numbers!  Stop it!  They don’t mean anything!  Argh.  She’s on to the number 7 right now, and she explains it to Team Christ.  Joshuah, the voice of reason, says that Natalie is crazy. 

James knows he’s going to get nominated.  Natalie, in the meantime, is turning into Amber – thanking god audibly under breath when no one else is around.

Natalie reads her letter from home.  Josh is unmoved.  Everyone else is somewhat moved. 

Natalie wants to play Hide and Seek.  She hides and Adam, Ryan and Josh mess with her and pretend not to find her.  She hides again.  That was dumb. 

Sheila asks Josh how he told his parents that he was gay.  His parents are/were OK with it – they found out when he was 18, freshman year in college. 

Sharon and Josh agree they need James to be evicted.  James talks to Nat alone in the HoH.  He tries to make a deal, but he’s not very convincing.  There are the seeds for a new alliance here, but I don’t buy it.  Natalie isn’t this dumb. 

Food Competition time!

It’s an individual competition, with every house guest isolated in their own room until they’re called to the backyard.

Ha, this is funny.  Everyone chooses a token – either Food or Slop.  If a majority of the house guests choose food, the people who chose food go on slop.  If it’s tied or more choose slop, the people who chose slop get slop.  Sharon chooses slop.  Sheila chooses slop.  Ryan chooses slop.  Adam chooses food.  Josh picks slop.  James picks slop.  That means Adam and Natalie are the only ones eating this week. 

James, alone at night, cries.  He has no friends in the house.  Aww. 

Natalie stares longingly at the picture of Matt.  Everyone spies and laughs at her.  Josh thinks he should go in the witness protection program.  He says Matt will need a restraining order.  That might be true. 

Nat considers her options.  Ryan thinks backdooring James might be a good play.

In the end, Natalie decides to nominate James and Josh.  Smart move.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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