Big Brother 9’s Natalie is a difficult person to comprehend.  Anyone who calls themselves devoutly religious and also has no problem showing their ability to lactate on cue in front of relative strangers is something of an enigma.  Ever since Natalie’s schoolgirl crush Matt has been evicted, Natalie has gone from pathetically insane, to just insane.  But, looking past all of that, she’s actually kind of likable.  Maybe I’m crazy.  Natalie is, simply, a little bit dumb.  Nothing wrong with that.  On tonight’s Big Brother, she continued her number theories, stared at Matt’s picture on the memory wall and nominated two Big Brother house guests. 

Natalie, Team Christ and a Possible Restraining Order

I apologize for my upcoming brevity – not a lot happened this episode.  For instance, CBS aired a five minute or so scene of Natalie playing hide and seek.  Anyway, Natalie is the new Head of Household.  She’s super happy, and so are alliance members Adam and Ryan.  They thank god repeatedly. Because, you know, god exerts his will during Big Brother Head of Household competitions.  Anyways, they love what god has done for them so much that Ryan thinks they should name their alliance Team Christ.  Really.  There are bits and pieces of strategy, but the assumed nominees are James and Joshuah.  James tries to strike a deal with Natalie and create a secret alliance (that would be secret no more after the nominations, but whatever).  Nat seems to think hard about it and truly consider teaming up with him.  Later, the whole house spies on Natalie as she has a moment with Matt’s memory wall picture.  She stands in front of the picture, silent and holding a glass of wine for a long, long time.  Josh thinks that Matt’s going to need a restraining order in the near future.

Greed is Good

The food competition was a clever little mental challenge.  The house guests are isolated, and taken out to the backyard once at a time.  Once outside, they have to choose between a Food token or a Slop token.  Of the six competitors, if three or more choose food, those who chose slop get food.  If three or more choose slop, those people get slop, and the others get the food they selected.  Most everyone got a little too selfless – Ryan, James, Josh, Sheila and Sharon all chose slop.  Adam chose food, and he and Natalie will be the only ones eating real food this week.

Natalie Plays it Safe

Natalie does what her alliance wanted her to: she nominated James and Josh. 

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