It really was James’ week on Big Brother 9. As if getting the chance to come back into the house mere minutes after being evicted wasn’t enough, then he had to go and win Head of Household. Then he won the Power of Veto. Then he wouldn’t rest until he discovered who the three people that didn’t vote to bring him back were.

Tonight, James’ reign came to an end on Big Brother, but not before getting one last moment of total power. Matt cried, Natalie continued to pine over a man she will never get, Sheila continued to play the game well, and we got to catch up on where Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato and his daughter Daniele are. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t “not on my TV screen.”

Big Boys Do Cry

After being nominated, Matt and Natalie start crying because they know he’s gone. Matt is ashamed of his crying, but he still wants nothing to do with Natalie. After sulking, Adam tells him to stand up for himself and fight to stay. Matt tries to win the girls over with sympathy, saying he’d spend his birthday in the sequester house and he’s scared of being alone. Ugh, this dude is a straight-up player, a man who thinks Frank T.J. Mackey’s “Seduce and Destroy” is pure genius.

Then Matt quits playing games and makes a convincing argument: Ryan has nominated and double-crossed all the women at some point in the game, while Matt has done nothing to wrong them. This works on Sheila, so now it’s a 3-3 tie, and Sheila goes to work on James to get him to break the tie in Matt’s favor.

I Still Don’t Like The Donatos

For our taped segment, Julie Chen fills us in on how Dick and Daniele Donato, the “estranged” father/daughter from Big Brother 8, are doing. He used the money to take her to Europe. She claims their relationship is better than before, but not a whole lot.

Dick, meanwhile, is busy indulging in his fantasy of being a rock star. He’s clearly that guy who loves hanging around rock stars and wishing he could be them, but he has no musical talent. So he goes on a reality show, gets famous, and pretends that now he’s on the same level.

Also, Julie lets us know that, next Tuesday, Dick Donato will be entering the Big Brother house again to give the HGs a special “wake up call,” whatever that means.

The Tie of Your Life

Time for eviction. Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon (James’ pals in the Alliance of Pairs) all vote to evict Matt. Natalie, Adam and Sheila all vote to evict Ryan. It’s a tie! As was the case with HoH and PoV, James has all the power. Julie asks James to cast the deciding vote, and he haphazardly and without fanfare sends Matt to the sequester house.

Outside, Matt tells Julie that he’ll be friends with Natalie, but nothing more. In her video confessional, she still thinks Matt could be her soul mate. Inside, the HGs all freak out that the alarm could ring again and change the rules. I hope they never use it again, and simply let the HGs stew over it for the rest of the game.

Lucky Guesser

The Head of Household competition features a series of one-on-one trivia matches. If you buzz in and get it right, your opponent is gone. If you’re wrong, you’re out. If no one buzzes in, you’re both out. The winner picks the next two people to compete. By a random draw, Chelsia and Joshuah are the first two up.

The competition is very lop-sided, as members of the Alliance of Pairs who win always put up two members of the other group (does anyone have a catchy nickname for Adam, Sheila, Natalie and Ryan?). Chelsia actually knocks out Joshuah, Sharon and Ryan. Then she faces Adam in the finals. Julie reads the question, saying the answer is a female evicted houseguest. Adam buzzes in almost immediately, probably figuring he has a 1/3 chance, and that Allison and Jen were answers to previous questions, so he guesses Amanda. It pays off, and he’s the new HoH.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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