This is becoming a problem for me.  I’ve been doing these spoiler articles for this season of Big Brother 9 and, up until recently, I’ve quite enjoyed it.  I’m the kind of guy who, generally, likes instant gratification.  However, only to a certain extent.  If you watched last night’s episode of Big Brother, you know what I’m talking about.  The Head of Household competition, that James ultimately won, was prominently featured.  Well, perhaps that’s an understatement – it was half of the freaking episode!  Now, if I hadn’t known the outcome, it probably would have been an entertaining 30 minutes of my life, but since I did know the outcome it was boring as all hell.  How do you live feeders do it?  You know what’s happened, how it’s happened and why, yet you seem to have a great time watching the episodes in addition to the 24/7 feeds.  I wish I had your loyalty, I really do.  Anyways, spoilers are ahead.  Proceed at your own risk.


If you were under the impression that James was a man of his word, you were totally wrong.  I know – last night’s episode was very clear in its insinuation that James’ word is his bond.  However, the plain fact is, his word is apparently not all it was cracked up to be.  Remember this – at the end of the HoH challenge, James made a deal with Natalie that, if she let him win the HoH, James wouldn’t nominate her or Matt. 

James won the Power of Veto.  At the ceremony, James used the PoV and took Sheila off the block.  He put Matt up in her place. 

The competitors in the competition were Chelsia, James, Josh, Matt, Ryan, and Shelia.  James use of the veto for his own nominations is interesting, and I can only assume that he’s gotten fed up with Matt over the last few days.  Frankly, I don’t blame him.  Not at all. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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