Another week of Big Brother 9‘s Power of Veto night came and went, and as always, it featured more filler than an hour-long American Idol results show. Sheila apologized to Adam for being mean to him, then turns around and throws him under the bus. We get a dull PoV competition and the dumbest Bible study group ever.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Crusade

Adam, Ryan and Matt insist on having yet another deep theological debate. Tonight’s discussion: what is the Ark of the Covenant? Thanks to the Indiana Jones franchise, they know it contained the Ten Commandments and other words of God. They also know the Holy Grail is the cup of Christ (made of wood, because that is surely the cup of a carpenter). Adam suggests that, when they leave the Big Brother house, they should team up to find the Ark of the Covenant. I hope they remember that only the penitent man shall pass and that in Latin, “Jehovah” starts with an “I.”

Block Heads

The Power of Veto competition players are James, Ryan, Sheila, Matt, Chelsia and Joshuah. They must transport 500 toy wooden blocks across a balance beam into a tube, two at a time. Matt, Ryan, Sheila and Chelsia all fall off. James completes it first and wins the PoV. Time compression makes it easy to watch, but imagine, if you will, walking across a balance beam for more than one and a half hours. No wonder they’re all crazy, life in the Big Brother house is boring!

No Deal

James is on a crusade of his own to figure out who the third vote not to bring him back was, since Ryan and Sheila confessed. He suspects Adam, so he wants to use the veto to take Sheila off and put Adam up. But when Sharon tells him she’s certain the vote was from Matt, James changes his mind and wants to put him up. But didn’t he make a deal with Natalie to save her and Matt? Yeah, but as it says in the King James Bible says, “a lie for a lie.”

James indeed takes Sheila off and puts Matt up. He claims it’s because, when Natalie made the deal to save Matt, it raised concerns that the two of them are still a powerful duo and need to be broken up. More lies! He did it because Matt didn’t vote to bring him back, plain and simple. Also, isn’t he guilty of the same thing with Chelsia? Either way, the look of defeat on Matt’s eyes in his confessional is priceless.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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