When we last left the contestants on The Biggest Loser ranch, Brittany and Maggie had fallen below the yellow line. Tonight’s episode got things started with the elimination. Dan, who won the ability to cast two votes, gave them both to Maggie.  Mark and Ali followed suit, sending Maggie home to continue her journey. Since leaving the show, Maggie has lost a total of 66 pounds. Unfortunately, she just missed out on a big opportunity: a Biggest Loser makeover and a photo shoot for Prevention Magazine. Oh yeah, and Tim Gunn stopped by to help!

The contestants meet Alison at the mall and talk about the difficulties they faced as overweight people who wanted to shop in department stores. She surprised them with Project Runway’s fashion guru, Tim Gunn, to help them with their new looks. Though the contestants had some input, it was Gunn who had the final say in what they would wear for their photo shoots. Tim also gave them the good news that Macy’s was giving them their entire new look as well as a $1,000 gift card. When the contestants showed off their new looks on the runway, they were surprised by their loved ones, which brought them to tears.

When everyone arrived back at the ranch, a challenge awaited them. The contestants had to run backwards on treadmills which were suspended over a pool. The winner will receive a trip to a resort in Utah. Kelly fell first, followed by Dan. After that, Brittany hit the water as did Roger and Jay.  Only Mark and Ali were left in the competition but it was Mark, the challenge kind, who prevailed and won that trip.

After a brutal last chance workout, it was time for the weigh in.  Here are the numbers:

  • Ali: 5 pounds (3.13%)
  • Mark: 3 pounds (1.60%)
  • Dan: 8 pounds (3.86%)
  • Brittany: 2 pounds (1.16%)
  • Roger: 9 pounds (3.59%)
  • Jay: 3 pounds (1.44%)
  • Kelly: 3 pounds (1.49%)

Kelly barely squeaked by, leaving Brittany and Jay to fall below the yellow line.  At the elimination ceremony, the blue team came together to save Jay and send Brittany home.  Tomorrow, Maggie and Brittany will talk to BuddyTV together in an exclusive interview.  Don’t miss out on hearing what these former black team members have to say!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer(Image courtesy of NBC)

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV