Madness.  That’s what is going on inside the Big Brother house these days.  CBS apparently did do extensive personality and background tests for all of the Big Brother 9 contestants.  Over the past few days, two of the houseguests had to make emergency trips to the hospital and a margarita party went down that involved extensive nudity.  Oh, and there was a Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  The two contestants who went to the hospital are both fine and back inside the Big Brother house, so no worries there.  As for the nudity, well, that’s what Big Brother After Dark and the live feeds are for, right? 

Big Brother 9: Week 3 Veto Spoilers, Plus Seizures and Swelling

The Power of Veto competition involved everyone except for Sheila and Adam.  Adam hosted.  So, it was Natalie and Matt, Alex and Amanda, James and Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon, and Ryan and Allison.  As we know, the nominated couples are Matt and Natalie and Alex and Amanda.  In a surprising outcome, Josh and Sharon ended up winning the Power of Veto.  In the veto ceremony, not surprisingly, Josh and Sharon declined to use the veto.  Although it’s still unclear who will be evicted from the house, I have to imagine that James and Chelsia want to go through with the original plan (Operation: Condor, if you will) to evict Alex and Amanda.  But, as this is Big Brother, these things tend to change.

Amanda, thanks to a lack of nutrition, passed out and started convulsing.  She had a seizure.  There are videos of this on YouTube if you have any interest in seeing the seizure, which I can’t imagine you would.  This marks Big Brother’s first slop-induced hospital visit.  Probably not its last.  Amanda is back in the house and healthy.  Allison had some sort of allergic reaction to something in the house and started swelling up all over.  Her mouth was swollen over, which is just nasty.  She had to go to the hospital, but she too is back in the house and healthy.

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