-About five minutes after the episode ended, Sharon fell off.  That was quick.

-Apparently, Sheila is going on and on about how much she deserves to win, being the only person who has yet to win an HoH competition.  Girl, this ain’t the Special Olympics – not everyone gets a medal.  Then she goes on about her kid, trying to get the sympathy vote.  While this would clearly work on the compassionate Adam, the “good Christians” Natalie and Ryan have no sympathy for her plight.

-While Sheila appeals to their sense of honor, Natalie is using her greatest weapon: her obnoxiousness.  During the competition, she talks and talks and talks and talks.  If listening to the ramblings of a moron isn’t already addressed in the Geneva Convention, it should be.

-It’s been more than one and a half hours since the episode ended, and these three are still hanging in there.

-Following this Endurance competition online is a fascinating look at what these people are really like.  The three are still in two and a half hours later, and Natalie is ranting about how James used his, um, “swizzle stick” to stir up her water, if you know what I mean.  And she adds that the “swizzle stick” was most disgusting for its previous proximity to Chelsia’s “stank crotch.”  You can’t make this stuff up, the utter filth that these people do and say.

-Two hours and 40 minutes into this thing, the three finalists are striking up deals.  Natalie and Ryan seem content to let Sheila have HoH so long as she promises to nominate Adam and Sharon.  At this point, will making a deal then breaking it really hurt?

-The deal involves multiple layers.  Obviously Sharon is the real target, but if either of them wins PoV and comes off, the one remaining will still be the primary target.  Again, strategically, Sheila doesn’t have to listen.  If Sharon comes off and Natalie goes up, Sharon could vote against Natalie, Ryan against Adam, and Sheila can break the tie any way she sees fit.  When you’re down to the final five, deals are meaningless, as HoH and PoV have ultimate power.

-Finally, two hours and 45 minutes after the episode ended, Ryan drops and is out.

-Oh snap, Natalie is going nuts with the religion.  Sheila is telling her the Christian thing to do is give it to her, and Sharon seconds that she’d give it up.  Natalie babbles that, because Jesus suffered on the cross, Sheila should have to suffer in the glass box a little while longer.  Seriously.  Natalie also questions Adam about what to do.  Natalie, to be fair, is thinking that if she somehow gets evicted this week, she’ll feel like an idiot for dropping.  But on the other hand, dropping would mean she could play for HoH next week, which would be even more valuable.

-After living out a personal religious fantasy in which, in her mind, an angel and devil were probably perched atop Natalie’s shoulders, she drops.

-Three hours and eight minutes after starting, Sheila is the HoH!  Happy birthday week, old lady.



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