I have to tread lightly here for all of you non Big Brother live feed watchers or spoiler mongerers.  If you only watch the CBS broadcasts and nothing else, then you are still unaware of who won the all important Head of Household competition.  Therefore, I can’t really discuss the thought process behind the mystery HoH’s nominations, which we now know.  I think these nominations will take a lot of people by surprise come Sunday, but if you paid attention to Wednesday’s Big Brother non-eviction episode, then it makes a whole lot of sense.  In fact, I actually kind of predicted this in my Big Brother power rankings yesterday. 


The new Head of Household is James.  He made a deal with Natalie at the end of the epic marathon of an HoH competition – James wouldn’t nominate Natalie or Matt this week.  At the nomination ceremony, James nominated Ryan and Sheila. 

The Ryan nomination was an obvious one – he was the one who nominated James at the Power of Veto ceremony last week and is the sole reason he was fake evicted on Wednesday.  The Sheila nomination is a little more puzzling.  If you remember the eviction interview between James and Julie Chen on Wednesday, James said that Sheila has played the best game out of anyone so far.  So, James obviously sees her as a threat.

I’m fairly sure that James is targeting Ryan this week, but that doesn’t mean he nominated Sheila as a pawn.  He wants the house to understand that Sheila is a threat.  Given that James made a deal this week with Natalie and Matt, he’s put himself in very good shape.  His alliance with Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon is still strong and once either Sheila or Ryan exits the game, the numbers will be in their favor.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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