Big Brother 9 is growing on me. This is weird for me to say, because I absolutely hated tonight’s episode.  The thing is, and it’s a big thing, I knew exactly what was going to happen during the episode.  I’ve been harping the hell out of this, I know, but tonight it was very important.  Normally, knowing the outcome of a Big Brother episode isn’t that important because the random action within the house is enjoyable enough.  However, tonight’s episode spent literally half the episode covering the Head of Household competition.  32 minutes.  Considering I knew the result of that competition, it was not great television.


The first half hour of the episode was entirely devoted to the Head of Household competition that began on Wednesday. Here are the stakes – the house is in two separate factions.  Matt, Natalie, Ryan, Adam and Sheila on one side, with James, Chelsia, Sharon and Joshuah on the other.  James comes into the competition determined to win.  He feels scorned by Ryan after the events of last week.  The other men drop early on in the Disco Ball/Chain HoH competition.  Sheila goes down next, followed by Sharon.  Chelsia then falls, leaving James versus Natalie.  After four hours holding onto the chain, a sick and near vomiting Natalie makes a deal with James.  James won’t put Nat or Matt on the block.   James, then, wins the Head of Household.  Ryan is shaking in his boots.


Funny, ignorant Bible studies were undertook by Ryan, Adam and Matt.  Matt finally gave Natalie that massage she’s been desiring, thanks to her admittedly heroic performance in the HoH competition.  Chelsia is very happy James is still alive in the house.  Adam may or not being playing both sides.  

Obvious Nominations, Kind Of

At the nomination ceremony, James decides to put Ryan (obvious) and Sheila (quasi-random) up on the block.  James thinks Sheila is a definite threat, though he is very much targeting Ryan this week. 

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