Big Brother 9 keeps on keeping on tonight.  For non-live feed watchers and non-internet spoiler gatherers, the newest Head of Household will be revealed tonight, as will their nominations.  It’s rare when I don’t look forward to a Big Brother episode, but tonight it was one of those times.  I’ve been paying too much attention to the live feeds and reading spoilers, that I can pretty much predict, beat by beat, what will happen on the show tonight.  I hope Big Brother still gives me some entertainment in the form of some serious debauchery.  If not, I fear my boredom will be overwhelming.  Whatever – if it does get boring, I’ll start filling out my NCAA tournament bracket.

Big Brother 9: Week 6 Nominations, Live Thoughts

In case you’re wondering, the pictures I choose for these Big Brother articles have become more and more random for no reason other than my own entertainment.

It’s seven minutes into the episode, and we’re still on the Disco Ball HoH competition.  This is a big HoH.

Adam drops first, after only fifteen minutes.  Joshuah goes next.  Then, Matt, and he wasn’t happy about it. 

I’m sorry – Sheila’s unitard makes me laugh.  Any unitard makes me laugh.  Natalie is so annoying. 

Sheila comes clean, tells James she voted for the mystery guest during the competition.

And, wow, we get a commercial before the end of the HoH competition.  They’re dragging this thing out.

Sharon is gone next, after two and a half hours.  Natalie is talking everyone’s faces off.  It’s down to Nat, James, and Chelsia. 

After 3 hours and 20 minutes, Chelsia falls.  She’s pissed at herself – she didn’t mean to.  Nat and James. 

4-hour mark, James tries to make a deal with Natalie.  Doesn’t work out.  A little later, Natalie starts getting sick and makes a deal with James – she drops, James wins HoH, and neither Matt or Natalie gets put up on the block.  James wins.  Natalie drops and is sick, she vomits – quite a valiant effort. 

Matt owes Natalie a massage after her performance.  Cheesy guitar music in the background.  Chelsia is ecstatic that James is back.  Joshuah is a little worried that he’ll be put up. 

Matt, Ryan, and Adam are Bible buddies.  This is bothering me.  Is it just me, or does Big Brother always seem to spend an inordinate amount of time with religion?  Those three dudes just talked about the Bible for five minutes.  Why?

I wonder what Chelsia’s first reaction to the gay porn/James thing is going to be?  Negative, likely.

Matt gives Nat that long-overdue massage.  Don’t worry – Matt makes it clear that he ain’t touchin’ no boobies.

An excessive amount of filler tonight. 

Joshuah tries to figure out who the third vote for James not to come back was.  Matt is trying to cover up his vote.  I can see his rationale for lying, but he’ll get found out soon enough.  Adam is upset that Matt’s lying is putting his vote into question – he tells this to James.  Not sure who James believes.

My god – I can’t even begin to explain the lack of content on this episode.  I just watched a montage of Josh being a maid for the house, dusting his way around. 

Josh reads his letter from home that he won in last week’s Veto competition.  He reads it aloud to everyone while crying.  It’s from his family and it was actually quite nice.  Josh, while eccentric and prone to blow-ups, seems like a generally OK guy. 

Ryan talks to James alone in the HoH – James won’t have any of it.  He’s definitely putting that man up.  James is still very bitter about Ryan back-dooring him.  James tells the Diary Room that he’s definitely putting Ryan up – the question is who does he put up next to him. 

All right, time for nominations.  Who will James put up next to Ryan?

The answer is Sheila.  Interesting, but probably smart.  He sees her as a threat.

So, there it is: Ryan and Sheila are nominated.

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