Well, that certainly changes things.  Jessica and Eric were perhaps the strongest alliance in the Big Brother house, even with the father/daughter combo of Dick and Daniele.  It’s only fitting that they were both evicted tonight in the span of one hour.  The surprise double eviction episode wasn’t all that exciting, save for a few moments during the HoH competition, but besides that, the Donatos were in charge and their intentions weren’t difficult to read. 

Big Brother 8: Episode 28 Recap - Jessica and Eric Evicted

Goodbye, Jessica

The episode begins and almost immediately, Julie lets the houseguests know that tonight is going to be a Big Brother fast Forward, which means a double eviction night.  After the first live eviction, the houseguests went through a full week’s worth of competition on their way to evicting a second houseguest.  The players are shocked when Julie informs them of this, but not that shocked.  The first live eviction, with Jameka and Jessica as nominees, comes and goes quickly.  Dick and Daniele decided that Jessica had to go home, and they sent her home.  She shuns Dick and Daniele, only saying goodbye to Eric and Jameka before exiting the house and talking with Julie.  She tells Julie that her feelings for Eric are certainly genuine and leaves the door open for a possible future outside of the house.

Eric Almost Does It

Dick, Daniele, and Eric compete in a very important Head of Household.  They each stand on a set of three stairs.  Julie asks eight questions, where she talks about two previous events in the Big Brother house and the players have to answer which event came first by either standing on the top step (“After”) or bottom step (“Before”).  After the end of seven questions, all three are tied up at 5 points.  Dick gets the last question right, Dani and Eric get it wrong.  Dick is the new Head of Household.  After a quick commercial break, Dick gets put on the spot.  He nominates Jameka and Eric. 

“Niagara Balls”

The Power of Veto competition comes right after the nominations and involves everyone wearing a helmet and safety goggles.  The competition is called “Niagara Balls”.  So many jokes, none appropriate.  The game is this: 5,000 small rubber balls come cascading into the backyard.  The balls are all different colors, and the players have to only find the green ones.  The first person to find eight green balls wins the PoV.  The balls actually hurt some of the contestants, especially Dani.   Anyway, Zach wins the PoV.  At the ceremony, which occurs soon after the comp, Zach opts not to use the veto.

Goodbye, Eric 

Eric makes an impassioned plea to stay.  Jameka does the same, but it doesn’t matter.  Zach and Daniele already had their minds made up.  By a vote of 2-0, Eric is evicted from the house.  Eric, as he leaves, is incredibly calm, understanding, and gracious to the remaining four houseguests.  Eric understands that Big Brother is a game and that the Donatos did what they did for purely strategic reasons.  Outside with Julie, Eric says that his and Jessica’s relationship was genuine and that he looks forward to seeing her outside of the Big Brother house. 

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