It’s been a very busy first 24 hours of live feeds on Big Brother 19. There are alliances, showmances, temptations and one HG who quit the game. Now we know the results of the first Power of Veto competition, giving us a glimpse into how the week will unfold.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Megan left the game. Afterwards, Cody had to re-nominate and put Alex on the block next to Jillian. Matt, Raven and Jason were also picked to play for the PoV. In addition, Paul got the first Temptation and accepted it, giving him immunity for the first three weeks.

Alex won the Power of Veto!

Wow, now we have an exciting first week. Alex was definitely the target, pegged as the biggest physical threat by the dominant alliance (Coy, Matt, Mark, Jessica, Raven, Elena, Christmas, Dominique and Paul). But what’s the back-up plan?

Cody and the showmances (Jessica, Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena) are looking at Jason as the replacement nominee and the target because he’s so close to Alex. Christmas seems to want Ramses out instead, but it’s doubtful she’ll get her way since the core wants Jason out.

This definitely throws a big monkey wrench into the power alliance’s plans, which is always fun. Now they have to scramble and Cody will have to put a fourth person on the block in his first week as HoH.

UPDATE: In the hours after the PoV competition, new information emerged. First, Cody has expressed his respect and admiration for Alex as a competitor, saying that she deserves to stay in the house. This is confusing to the people in his unofficial alliance as they all dislike Alex and want her out.

The bigger news is that Cody went to Mark and told him that he wants to make a deal with Alex and Jason so they will protect the couples and Dominique next week in exchange for safety. It sounds like Cody doesn’t want to actually nominate Jason. He has another name in mind, but he’s keeping it a secret and didn’t tell Mark. Could he be planning to backdoor Ramses instead? Or is it Paul, the returning player who Cody repeatedly said he didn’t trust in the two-night premiere?

If it’s Paul, and Cody wants it to be a blindside by not telling anyone, there could be major problems. First, if Cody doesn’t give his own unofficial alliance a heads-up that he wants to backdoor one of their own numbers (technically, Paul is part of The Nine, the unnamed, unofficial alliance with Cody, Matt, Mark, Jessica, Raven, Elena, Dominique and Christmas), those allies will be furious afterwards.

The bigger problem could be that Paul has the Pendant of Protection, but he’s keeping it a secret. If Cody tries to nominate him, Paul would most likely have to reveal that he accepted the first Temptation and has immunity, thus forcing Cody to pick yet another nominee. And that’s awful because not only did he not tell his alliance about his secret plan, but he will expose that he wanted Paul out without being able to do it. In terms of creating fantastic drama and an amazing moment on TV, I really hope this is what will happen.


-Winning the first Power of Veto has been a very good thing in recent seasons. On Over the Top, Jason won it and on season 18, Paul won it, with both finishing in second place. Steve won it in season 17 and he won the game. In seasons 14 and 15, the first PoV was won by the person who finished in fourth place (Shane and McCrae).

-Alex is the first woman to win the first PoV by herself since Daniele Donato in season 8. Women also won the first PoV in seasons 9 and 13, but because of twists the competitions were won by male/female duos.

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