Welcome back to another season of Big Brother 19! It’s the season 19 premiere which means we meet the 16 new HGs, they move in and the big twist of the summer has immediate effects. As always, I’ll be here all summer long, watching the live feeds and posting constant updates about every little thing that happens throughout Big Brother 19.

Before things even begin, Julie Chen warns us about the temptations tonight. One is for $25,000, another could release a fan favorite returning player into the game and another could see someone get evicted tonight. Actually, it turns out all three of these temptations are part of the same thing and they result in a returning HG and someone going home on the first night.

The First 8 HGs

The first eight are introduced and get to move in.

Christmas: She’s a CrossFit champion with a brain.
Jason: He’s an auctioneer and rodeo clown named Whistle Nu, and he has a kid.
Alex: She loves video gaming and Go-Karting.
Kevin: He acts like the Godfather and he has seven kids.
Dominique: She works in D.C. and really loves God.
Mark: He’s a personal trainer who loves pink and 50 Shades of Grey.
Elena: She’s a radio host who talks about her failures in dating.
Ramses: He’s a gay nerd who loves cosplay and Big Brother.

Alex gets the kiss of death as the first person to enter the house, and that person has never won the game. Elena thinks Mark is hot while Mark has eyes for Christmas. Christmas, however, is more excited to start eating souls.

The Second 8 HGs

Cody: He was in the Marines and Air Force and loves shooting guns.
Raven: She’s a perky dance teacher and a ghost hunter.
Josh: He’s a loud and proud Cuban-American hustler.
Megan: She’s a dog walker who used to train to be a Navy interrogator.
Cameron: He’s a nerd, but he’s also athletic and social.
Jessica: She’s beautiful and she’s been a fan for a long time.
Matt: He’s a sexy silver fox who’s young, athletic and loyal to a fault.
Jillian: She sells timeshares and recently got weight-loss surgery in Tijuana.

When they move in, Ramses thinks Raven is adorable. Christmas thinks Matt is hot while Cody ajd Josh are obsessed with Jessica because she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Kevin immediately rubs Cameron the wrong way.  Ramses forms an instant superfan connection with Megan and Alex.

The introductions are filled with people talking about how beautiful everyone is. There’s a ton of instant showmance potential, mostly surrounding the girls going for Cody, Matt and Mark and the men going for Jessica. When Ramses says he’s a cosplayer, no one knows what it is, with Kevin mistakenly thinking he said “cockplay.”. Cody gets a bad vibe from Josh.

The First Temptation

Julie gathers the HGs to tell them about the temptations. Everyone goes into pods in the backyard. When a light turns green, the first HG to push their button wins $25,000 and they will be kept anonymous. But if anyone does it, a twist is unleashed on the house.

Kevin immediately pushes his button and wins the money. As a result, he isn’t allowed to win the first HoH competition and has to throw it. Also, he unleashed the twist: a former fan favorite HG will enter the game as the 17th houseguest this season.

The returning HG is…Paul Abrahamian, the runner-up from last season. YOUR BOY! PISSED! FRIENDSHIP! Ugh, that’s right, it’s another summer filled with those catchphrases.

Cameron is happy to have a big threat while Cody hates Paul and wants to backdoor him right away. Kevin has no idea who Paul is. Paul knows that the newbies will want him out because he wanted the returning players out last season. The early alliance of Megan, Ramses and Alex brings in Jillian and express their concerns over Paul.

The Paul Swap

Julie gathers the HGs again and says that Paul is taking someone’s place. It’s a swap, and one of the original HGs will be evicted tonight. It’s another Jodi/Glenn situation. Paul is given eight Friendship Bracelets and can give them out to eight HGs who will win safety from this first eviction.

We then get a montage of people making offers to Paul, except for Cody, who has zero interest in pandering to this dude. This is just an obvious excuse for Paul to get as much information on all of the HGs as possible.

Paul’s strategy for the bracelets is to give them to four guys and four girls, mixing it up with nerdy superfans and physical beasts.

Paul saves: Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses and Elena

The Safety Competition

Paul’s decision leaves Cody, Matt, Megan, Alex, Josh, Cameron, Jillian and Christmas, who compete against each other for safety. They go into the backyard and must hang on a trapeze. The last person standing wins immunity.

For each of the first seven HGs who fall off, they must choose one of seven apples. Four have safety, the other three are poisonous and will put those three HGs in jeopardy. Julie will give them clues throughout the competition leading the HGs to the good apples.

Jillian falls after 3 minutes
Megan falls after 6 minutes
Josh falls after 7 minutes, on purpose after a clue
Cameron falls after about 10 minutes, trying to look weak
Christmas falls after 22 minutes, also trying to look weak
Matt falls after an hour and 12 minutes
Alex falls after an hour and 25 minutes

Cody wins Safety!

Alex, Matt, Josh and Megan have Safe Apples.

Christmas, Cameron and Jillian have Poisoned Apples, and one of them will go home first.

The Final Temptation

Cameron, Christmas and Jillian get to choose how their fate will be decided. They can let the HGs vote or they can compete against each other, with the loser going home. They each go into the diary room and vote for what they want.

Jillian votes for an Eviction Vote.
Cameron votes for an Eviction Competition.
Christmas votes for an Eviction Vote.

Their fate will be decided by an eviction vote from the other HGs, and Cameron just got screwed.

The three of them campaign a bit, but there’s such little information to base this decision on and it’s absurd. Cameron does a strip tease for Elena and Jessica, but Elena is not won over by his hairy butt. Cameron then gets emotional in the diary room because he knows this is not going well for him.

The Eviction Vote

Paul only votes if there’s a tie and the other 13 HGs will vote to evict. But we don’t even get to see the HGs cast their votes.

Christmas got 2 votes to evict and is safe.
Jillian got 3 votes to evict and is safe.

Cameron is evicted 8-3-2!

This is truly devastating. He’s probably the biggest superfan this season and being in the house and playing the game means far more to him than it means to almost anyone else.

We learn that he gets evicted after just 12 hours, which is twice as long as Jodi. So at least there’s that.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Jason and Josh voted to evict Christmas, Mark, Matt and Cody all voted to evict Jillian and the six remaining women, plus Ramses and Kevin, were the eight votes to evict Cameron.

On Thursday’s episode, we’ll see the first HoH competition and their nominations. Then on Sunday’s episode, we’ll be introduced to the Den of Temptation. You can vote right now on who to send into the Den first, and that person will be offered immunity from the next three evictions. Like with Care Packages, each HG can only be voted into the Den once.

Big Brother19 airs Thursdays at 9/8c, Sundays and 8/7c and Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS. The 24/7 live feeds begin on CBS All Access Thursday, June 29 at 10pm PT (1am ET).

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