In a twist again for season eight of MasterChef, the bottom six in the elimination challenge get another chance to redeem themselves. But first, the top 18 face a mystery box challenge filled with shellfish. And one chef really impresses the judges to save himself from the elimination test.

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World’s Finest Shellfish

Inside the mystery box is a variety of shellfish, including a Pacific sea urchin, soft-shell crabs, clams, green lip mussels, geoduck clams and Santa Barbara spot prawns. Jason is super pumped to be working with the delicacies as the contestants get 60 minutes to make the best shellfish dish of their lives.

After the time is up, the top three dishes are presented for the judges to taste some more. First up is Jeff with sauteed mussels with chorizo, prawns and garlic. Aaron thinks the mussels are cooked perfectly. He also loves the broth, but would have liked something to soak it up with. Gordon thinks the dish is delicious and believes the ingredients speak for themselves.

Next up is Necco with uni tagliatelle with roasted spot prawns and southern mussels casino. Christina loves the spot prawns and likes the way the mussels are prepared. Aaron loves the homemade tagliatelle with sea urchin and calls it spectacular.

Finally, a very eager Jason is called down to present his dish of tempura spot prawns with uni-yuzu mayonnaise and clams in shellfish broth. Gordon takes one bite and says he loves Jason. He calls the dish a work of art and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Christina agrees with Gordon.

The winner is Jason as it’s clear he is picked unanimously by the judges.

Gordon Ramsay Classic

While Jason is safe from elimination, the rest of the chefs have to cook in the challenge. Gordon prepares his famous fluffy scrambled eggs for the remaining contestants, and tells them they have 15 minutes to repeat the dish exactly the way he did.

Some of the contestants struggle, as the key, the judges say, is to start cooking the eggs in the last six or seven minutes of the challenge. In the end, six contestants are not safe. They are Caitlin, Dino, Heather, Sam, Yachecia and Jeff.

A Chance at Redemption

Gordon explains that the whole point of MasterChef is to learn from mistakes and take constructive criticism. This is why, he says, that the six chefs will get another chance to prepare the scrambled eggs again, but this time they only get 10 minutes.

The contestants, Jeff and Yachecia especially, seem relieved, but nervous, to get another chance to safe themselves. After the 10 minutes, it seems that most of the chefs’ dishes look better, with the exception of Sam, whose eggs are runny.

However, it’s up to the judges to decide. They taste each egg dish. Sam’s eggs are definitely runny, according to Gordon. And Heather’s eggs have way too much pepper. So much that Christina starts to choke on them.

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Another One Sent Home

In the redemption round, Yachecia and Dino wowed the judges by upping their dishes the second time around. But Heather just couldn’t hang in there, as she is eliminated.

I have to say it was a tough decision by the judges between Heather and Sam. I really thought Sam was going home, but I think the judges feel they can work with him to make him a better chef. However, in the end, I don’t think that Sam will be the MasterChef, but stranger things have happened.

I am pleased MasterChef is twisting things around for season eight. I like that some of the chefs are given a second chance to prepare the same dishes in the hope of redemption. I can only home there’s more twists up the judges’ sleeves throughout the season.

Did you think that Heather deserved to go home? Do you think both her and Sam should have hung up their aprons? What dish would you have prepared in the mystery box challenge? Let us know in the comments below.

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