The Big Brother 19 cast is here and 16 brand-new houseguests will be entering the house this summer for a shot at $500,000. Before the action begins, we’re breaking down each of the contestants to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

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This is Jillian Parker, a 24-year-old timeshare sales rep from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her Backstory

Jillian seems rather normal, a fun-loving girl who enjoys going to the casino and doing rock climbing, rope courses and other physical activities. She’s also rather open about being opinionated and having to be careful of what she says and plans to hide the fact that she’s a Republican and a Trump supporter (which is probably for the best).

Her Strategy

She wants to try and be nice to everyone, but she plans on forming her main alliance with the guys and feeding them information on what the girls are saying and doing. It looks like we may have another Snacole in the making.

Other Fun Facts

Her favorite players are Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly, bad bitches who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. That seems counter-intuitive to her strategy.

Her Chances

Saying that you want to be nice to everyone, but that you’re also a lot like Rachel Reilly, is a huge red flag because it’s such a glaring contradiction. If she can keep her mouth shut she may float a long time because, despite what she says, she seems to have one of the more bland personalities in this house. However, if she can’t keep her opinions to herself, she could easily make herself a target and I don’t see her lasting to the end.

Big Brother 19 premieres Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c on CBS.

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