Becca Tilley is no stranger to reality TV dating. She first competed for Chris Soules on The Bachelor season 19, where she became the runner-up, and then competed for Ben Higgins on The Bachelorette season 20, where she was sent home just before the hometown date. She eventually dated Bachelorette alum Robert Graham but the pair eventually parted ways. Now the 28-year-old sheds light on her recent break up, reveals who she would choose in a game of “Would You Rather,” and reveals whether she would join The Bachelor for the third time.

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During an interview with the Ellen Show’s producers for their YouTube channel, Tilley didn’t go into detail about her relationship with Graham but she did say that she’s still friends with her ex, just like she is with Soules.

“It wasn’t the time or it just wasn’t right, it’s kind of a boring,” she said of Graham. “I don’t have anything dramatic or fun to offer you … It just didn’t work. But he’s awesome. We still are friends.”

As for Soules, who was involved in a fatal car crash in April, Tilley says she and her dad has kept in touch with the farmer.

“I briefly texted him after the accident happened,” she said. “‘Just to say hey and check in on him because it was crazy, sad, and tragic.” 

When the producers decide to play a game of “Would You Rather,” Tilley chooses Higgins over all the choices, including  Chris Soules, Josh Murray, Juan Pablo Galavis, Chad Johnson, Luke Pell, Alex Woytkiw, Jake Pavelka, Whaboom, Jared Haibon, Wells Adams, Chase McNary and Chris Harrison.

“I think Wells is the cutest but I think Ashley I. would also murder me on that one,” she said. “I respect my friends.”

Though it seems like Tilley isn’t over Higgins, she clarifies that she’s friends with Higgins’ recent ex-fiancee, Lauren Bushnell. She did point out that two of Rachel Lindsay’s men are cute though has no intentions to return to The Bachelor in case one of the men becomes the next leading man. 

“No, I’m retired,” she insisted. However, she seems open to join the latest spin-off. “Actually, I say that but the Bachelor Winter Games sound so fun!” 

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