There has been a lot of truly terrible gameplay on Big Brother 19. From Cody refusing to tell anyone his plan to backdoor Paul to Jessica using Ramses as a pawn to Kevin trying to make a deal with Cody to Alex’s complete trust in Paul, the entire season is one long public service announcement for how NOT to play the game. But perhaps the absolute worst is Matt, although I’m not even sure if saying that he’s playing the game is fair.

On the show, fans haven’t seen much of Matt and when they have, he’s happily volunteering to throw competitions, be used as a pawn or just smile and nod at whatever Paul commands him to do. Last week he did something no one in the history of the game has ever done when he was on the block and won the Power of Veto, but chose to save a complete stranger (Jason) instead of himself.

That move alone is enough to make the Big Brother 19 casting department hang their heads in shame at choosing this guy. But for live feed viewers, Matt’s existence in the house is even more infuriating and pointless.

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Matt has said many times, to Raven and Paul, that his goal isn’t to win, but to help Raven win. He thinks she deserves the money because of her many diseases. He regularly talks about wanting to protect her and sacrifice his game to help her get to the end.

This by itself is embarrassing. We want to see people actually play the game to win, but when that isn’t the goal and when you actively want to lose to someone, especially when you’re just four weeks away from possibly being half a million dollars richer, it’s no fun to watch.

The worst part is that Matt has talked to Raven about how he believes both Paul and Christmas would also be willing to sacrifice their games to help Raven win (they won’t). And Matt believes that if Raven and Paul are in the Final 2 that Paul would tell the jury to vote for Raven to win because she needs the money. Obviously Paul would never do that, but the fact that Matt is capable of thinking that it’s a possibility is embarrassing beyond belief.

Big Brother 19 should be disappointed and ashamed by Matt’s continued existence in the game. Is it really that hard to find 16 people who want to win half a million dollars? Big Brother is (or at least should be) about more than just fights and showmances. It should be about a group of people all playing the game to win.

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Matt, however, represents a different kind of “player.” He’s someone whose goal isn’t to win, and what’s the point of playing a game if you don’t want to win?

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