Jessica has a clear target this week on Big Brother 19. She wants Josh gone, but did the Power of Veto ceremony seal his fate or leave the door open to yet another blindside of Jessica and Cody?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Jessica won the Power of Veto.

She did NOT use it.

And she will regret it. Jessica thinks that the entire house is on board with evicting Josh and that she and Cody have done good work this week repairing relationships and building bridges. She is very, very wrong.

Paul, along with Christmas, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matt and Raven, have already agreed to a plan to evict Ramses this week, saving Josh to annoy Jessica and Cody. Almost the entire house is still against the powerful showmance and, just like week 1, they’re probably going to be blindsided and betrayed.

Josh knows about this plan to save him and he’s been told to act depressed like he knows he’s going home so the blindside will be even bigger and he can go off on Cody and Mark after the votes come in. Paul, Alex and the others spent most of the weekend talking to each other about how stupid Jessica and Cody are for not using the PoV and trusting them.

On Sunday night, Jessica did start to worry that something might be wrong and the house will evict Ramses, but she was talked out of it. First, Cody told her that she was just being paranoid. Then Elena assured Jessica that the house is voting to evict Josh no matter what. However, Elena and Mark have been kept in the dark about the real plan to evict Ramses, being set up as the next targets alongside Jessica and Cody.

The Mark and Elena situation will be the most interesting part of this drama. Will Paul’s side eventually warn them about this flip, or are they going to be blindsided too? And if so, how will Elena react to finding out that these people she trusts (Paul, Matt and Raven) lied to her all week?

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